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How to transfer video from Panasonic camcorder to PC?

Discussion in 'Digital camcorders' started by Phaete, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. Phaete

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    Nov 4, 2011
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    We recently recorded one of our football (soccer) matches on a friends Panasonic VDR-M50 camcorder (released circa 2002). The footage was recorded to a Panasonic 2.8GB 8cm DVD-RAM disc. Unfortunately, my friend could not find the original CD-ROM software that was bundled with the camcorder so we have had a very difficult time trying to transfer the footage to a PC. I have gathered from the Operating Instructions that the software required is DVD-MovieAlbumSE. However after extensive research Ive discovered that you can only download software updates and not the full application.

    So I have arrived with the following options:

    1. Transfer using alternative software and methods
    2. Transfer through AV
    3. Obtain a copy of DVD-MovieAlbumSE

    Background: The footage is 30min in total recorded in 3 parts. Towards the end of the match, the battery died so the footage was cut short. I am not sure if this affects my problem. The footage plays back perfectly fine on the camcorder.

    1. Transfer using alternative software and methods: I have connected the camcorder to two different PCs (without the drivers or software installed) using the supplied USB cable but neither PC recognize the device. Originally, the DVD-RAM appeared empty in my Samsung SH-183LBEBN DVD drive and my friends PC. However I later installed Nero InCD and Smart Projects IsoBuster. One (or a combination) of these software enabled me to see the following on the DVD-RAM in Windows Explorer:

    /RTR_EXTN/RX.DAT (1.51 MB)
    /RTR_EXTN/VR_MVDUM.000 (0 B)
    /RTR_EXTN/VR_STDUM.000 (0 B)
    If I right-click the DVD drive and check Properties it shows the following:

    Name: MEI_UDF
    Type: CD Drive
    File System: INCDFS
    Used Space: 1,402,372,096 bytes 1.30GB
    Free Space: 0 bytes 0 bytes
    Capacity: 1,402,372,096 bytes 1.30GB

    As you can see the media Properties indicate the footage is on the DVD-RAM by its Used Space. However when browsing in Windows Explorer (with Show hidden files and folders checked) there appears to be no file that resembles the footage. IsoBuster shows exactly the same information and running the Find missing files and folders option on the disc returns the following files:

    Recovered File1.VR_MANGR.IFO (128 KB)
    Recovered File2.VR_MANGR.IFO (128 KB)
    I have successfully created an .ISO file of the disc in IsoBuster which is 1.30GB in size but I have no idea what to do with it or if it is even required. How do I discover the missing footage that is apparently on the disc?

    2. Transfer through AV: I have an AV/S input/output cable from my own Sony DCR-SR37E camcorder and I have read in the Panasonic Operating Instructions that you can record (dub) to other devices. However it only explains how to dub to a DVD recorder. Is there a way to dub from camcorder to PC via AV? Another option is to dub from the Panasonic camcorder to the Sony camcorder but I will need to buy another AV cable and an adapter for this.

    3. Obtain a copy of DVD-MovieAlbumSE: This is a last resort for me because although I would like this footage on PC I cannot justify purchasing the software. Infact based on the reviews I have read elsewhere, its not even guaranteed to solve my problem. Although if someone can provide the software for me that would be helpful. :)

    I think I have provided all the relevant information but if I have left anything out please let me know. I just want to get this footage on my PC so I can edit and share it with the team!!

    Many Thanks,
  2. attar

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    Jun 17, 2005
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