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How to unlock nokia n 70

Discussion in 'Nokia - Unlocking' started by heshammb, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. heshammb

    heshammb Member

    Nov 10, 2006
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    any one can help to unlock N70 locked to vodafone network

    Imel is 355521016418317
    Ireland locked to vodafone
    Thank you
  2. JoeGons

    JoeGons Active member

    Apr 16, 2006
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    We are unable to do these .

    BB5 type phones such as 5200,5300,6085,6280,6300, 6630, 6681, 6682 or
    any N-Series phones,N-70, N-90 or E series,E50,E60 etc
    or Tracfones can not be unlocked by this method for
    use with another Network. Not yet.

    Only the original service provider can provide a code to unlock them.
    Our Calculators can not do codes for these.

    BB5 Models include :
    Nokia 3250 RM-38,Nokia 5200,5300,Nokia 6085,Nokia 6125 RM-178,
    Nokia 6131 RM-115,Nokia 6233,Nokia 6234,Nokia 6270 RM-56,
    Nokia 6280 RM-78,6288.Nokia 6630 RM-1,Nokia 6680 RM-36
    Nokia 6681 RM-57,Nokia 6682 RM-58,Nokia 7370 RM-70,
    Nokia E60 RM-49, [bold]Nokia 7373,[/bold
    Nokia N70 RM-84,Nokia N70ch RM-99,Nokia N71 RM-67,Nokia N80 RM-92
    Nokia N90 RM-42,Nokia N91 RM-43,Nokia 3250,Nokia 6125,Nokia 6131,
    Nokia 6133,Nokia 6270,Nokia 6280,Nokia 6630 RM 225,Nokia 6680
    Nokia 6681,Nokia 6682,Nokia 7370,Nokia E50,Nokia E60,Nokia E61
    Nokia E62,Nokia E70,Nokia N71,Nokia N72,Nokia N73,Nokia N80
    Nokia N90,Nokia N91,Nokia N92,Nokia N93,Nokia 6126,Nokia 6136
    Nokia 5500,N91 RM-43,N91 RM-158
    Nokia 6151 RM200

    [bold]Be careful.
    I understand that you only have three chances. If you
    hard lock the phone by entering wrong codes, not even
    the original Provider can unlock it by code. [/bold]
    These models cannot be unlocked as yet by this method.

    All are BB5 and those below, are ASIC 11 or DCT4 Plus
    and our Calculators cannot generate codes.
    There is computer software available and being developed
    for new hardware that will unlock these.

    ASIC-11 is a new type of lock that we do not have information about.

    1110i RM-93,1112,2310,2610,2760 etc.(1600b V 5.01 RH-65 01125700*******)
    The original service provider can provide a code to unlock them.
    Should be doable by cable+hardware.

    BB5, 6030 RM-225 (01105200)(01112200)(01111400) (01112500)(01123900)
    Not doable by FREE means.
    Only the original service provider can provide a code to unlock them
    or a Professional Shop with Equipment except the 6061 RH-98,
    only your network can unlock this model.


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