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How to used the HDD

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by meatlover, Sep 19, 2003.

  1. meatlover

    meatlover Guest

    Does anybody know how to use xbox hdd on pc?
    I'd already use the hddunlock, and it require a password, so could anybody help me?
  2. Twistalic

    Twistalic Guest

    where did u get the HDD unlock thingy from? i would also like to put the HDD from a xbox into a PC but i need to be able to do it to examine it. i work in computer forensics and have recently had a batch of Xboxes come in - so being able to unlock the hdd's will be the first step!

    please let me know where you managed to get it from!
  3. meatlover

    meatlover Guest

    You could found the progz over the forum, or you might searh via google, type "hddunlock" for keyword, let me if you get thru and could use the hdd.
  4. MaxBern

    MaxBern Guest

    This is not possible unless you have the original MB the HD came from. Without it you have a nice square paper weight. I have actualy come across websites offering rewards for this type of info. Now that I think about it they did have a hardware fix but not a software one.
  5. MaxBern

    MaxBern Guest

  6. Twistalic

    Twistalic Guest

    i have the Xbox sitting here on my desk - its all there - motherboard the lot - just need to know how to get past the password - cant figure out how to use the hddunlocker - so if anyone has a better one they know of or is able to write a step by step readme so its easier to use??

  7. MaxBern

    MaxBern Guest

    O.K. So you have the xbox and all. If everything works, meaning the xbox with the HD installed plays games and such, all you need now is ConfigMagic.


    This will get you started. Once you have it all you do is ftp it to the hard drive and select unlock. That's it. The xbox is modded right? If not this option is unavailable to you and your back at "This is not possible."
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  8. MaxBern

    MaxBern Guest

    I would just edit but I can't seem to keep myself logged in???

    If all you want to do is check out the contents of the drive all you need to do is ftp into it from your PC not take out the HD and put it in your pc. This of course requires that the xbox has been modded in one form or another. I don't know if you are just curious or doing some kind of investigation but if you need to learn how to mod check out http://forums.xbox-scene.com/

    I would do a lot of reading before you post on the scene though. People that don't do there homework first get flamed pretty bad and usualy just get told to read, use the search, and check out the tutorials on www.xbox-scene.com

    Hope this helps.
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  9. Twistalic

    Twistalic Guest

    MaxBern - i am a Data Recovery Technician - i work in computer forensics. That means that we are not allowed to change the data on any exhibits that we get in - that includes modding or anything like that, bit of a pain i might add as one of my friends knows how to do what i need but it means hacking the boxes to bits... out of the question im afraid... and yes i have done a fair ammount of reading, if i wanted to know this stuff for personal use id much rather be taking stuff apart - its the sorta girl i am and id like to take my time to learn it all totally - but unfortunally in my job time is money so to speak and the police are not always the type to hang about when they have suspected Paedophiles and other bad peoples they wana get sorted, and waiting 4 months for the unlock password for every xbox that we get in to examine from microsoft is something that they would rather do as its 4 months wasted time coz untill we have the evidence to clear or charge the suspect they cant do a thing really.

    but then sayin that......i have managed to find a way of gettin past the password that doesnt include using any type of program to actually do the work, plus it involves taking things apart which lets face it, adds a bit more fun.... ok its only a few cables to change but its better than nothing!

    Basically i just booted up my pc and xbox and went into the settings option on the xbox then unplugged the IDE cable from my xbox and fitted it to my pc. then i went to the system manager and searched for new hdd's and volia it showed up.

    as xbox are fatx and not windows compatable i downloaded a program called fat-x-explorer - i am sorry but i cant remember where i got it from as i downloaded all sorts of things from different sites - but this program is genius!

    basically it tells you if the hdd is locked or unlocked - if its locked it pops up a screen when u click on the read hdd button that says hdd not found or still locked if the disk is not locked it says that it is there and shows the file structures on the disk.

    i found that the unlocked/locked screens that told you what the status of the hdd was a great help - lots of trial and errors but it worked in the end!

    and as i know what im looking for in a regular pc examinations i can then decide if i need to make an image of the hdd for further examinations.

    If i can figure out where i found the program i will post it up here - or if anyone else knows where to find it they could post it here as i think it could be useful to other people.
  10. meatlover

    meatlover Guest

    I'd already got the progz, basically it's written in pascal. In my thought, If we could manage to force pascal generate number, perhaps we may be able to get the nearest reach.
  11. MaxBern

    MaxBern Guest

    Twistalic, if the xbox you are looking at isn't modded then the only files you are going to find are saved game files and whatever microsoft put on it. There is no way to access the HD for any other reason unless it is modded but good luck anyway put all those perverts away!
  12. Twistalic

    Twistalic Guest

    Well not come across any modded ones as of yet - basically we are just ruling out any posibility of there being windows on them by doing this - plus the fact that my boss has decided to take over and grab all the glory has made me feel a little annoyed at him - after all - im the one doing all the research and found out how to do it but there we go - thats bosses for ya!

    surely if its modded then all im gona need to do is get past the password anyways? wouldnt windows pick it up from then?
  13. MaxBern

    MaxBern Guest

    No if it's modded you can just hook it up with a cross-over cable, ftp into it, and be able to read all the files that way. Any old ftp program will do. The only lock unlock issue you will have is if you want to remove the hard drive from the xbox and put it into your pc. Even if you did that though it is formated differently and your pc won't be able to read it.
  14. MaxBern

    MaxBern Guest

  15. Twistalic

    Twistalic Guest

    no worries about it - the boss has taken over and will not hear any suggestions to it now - thanks anyways!

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