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Hows my first build ?

Discussion in 'Building a new PC' started by dannym24, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. dannym24

    dannym24 Member

    Jan 5, 2012
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    So I took the advice and put together this selection of components just like to know what you think and what limitations I may have or anything I could improve ....

    Case - Nzxt beta evo £22.30

    Motherboard - Asus m5a78l-m lx amd 760g £40.54

    CPU - And athlon II x2 250 £49.30

    Memory - Corsair memory 8gb vengeance £38.59

    Hard-drive - Seagate 500gb baracuda 3.5" £64.00

    Optical drive - Lg ch10ls20 blu-ray dvd-rw £49.76

    PSU - Corsair 600w cx series v2 ( 80+ ) £59.91

    Operating system - windows 7 I can pick up home edition for around £70

    This brings me in at £394.40 , would this computer last any length of time ? This to me looks pretty good but then again Im a complete beginner at this and again open to suggestion on anything so if anybody can see anywhere that I could buy better for the money Im paying. Basically I dont game or anything like that , I use it for playing poker , watching movies and general browsing and use. Im upgrading because Im still using my PC from about 2005 lol


    Cheers Danny.
  2. Estuansis

    Estuansis Active member

    Jan 18, 2006
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    That looks just fine but you could easily get away with a much less powerful PSU. Take a look at an Antec Eartwatts 380W or a Corsair 400CX. Use the money you save on the PSU and upgrade something else, like replace the Athlon II X2 dual core with a cheap Athlon II X4 quad core.

    Trust me on the PSU. I'm running a fairly power hungry gaming rig that blows that one away and I'm using a 620W just fine and could probably get away with a 520W.

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