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HTPC beginings

Discussion in 'Home Theater PC' started by nflp, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. nflp

    nflp Guest

    This question has probably been answered before. I might have even been the one that asked it, but since I can't remember anything here goes again.
    I am building a new PC. It's your standard 3000+ Athlon64, 256MB Video card and such. A nice system that will let me do pretty much anything I want but one if the big things I also want to do with it is watch movies. I will be turning this into a HTPC in the future so if I can buy smart now, it will save me alot of problems in the future. Question is, Why a HTPC?
    I know that sounds weird, but what purpose does one serve? You still have your receiver, speakers, and TV. So other than controling your DVD, why? I have my PVR built into my DirecTV so that parts taken care of. I have read how a HTPC can control a multi-DVD changer and catalog your dics. That would be very very cool but how do you incorporate the HTPC into your Home Theatre setup? Does it just take up an input on the receiever? How is it controled? How do you tie a remote into the HTPC and which remote does the job the best (I've read good things about Harmony). So if someone could point me in the direction of how your put a HTPC in a system setup and what exactly a HTPC can do, that would seriously help.
    One other question, which case do you go with? I saw the link about Ahanix but what about air flow and power requirements. Is a 350W big enough and how do you control the air if the case is fairly closed in? Last thing I want is to turn my new PC into a radient heater for the room! Thanks for the help.
  2. lizardboy

    lizardboy Member

    Mar 25, 2005
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    i'm sorry i cant answer all of your questions but a htpc can also be used as a digital interface for a multiple hundred cd music collection or can also be used as a file server if you really wanted.
  3. Stinky_1

    Stinky_1 Guest

    I would use the HTPC to replace your PVR as well. In fact ONE pc can become a DVD player/Recorder, a CD player, a VCR (sort of), a radio, and a cable box.

    So in my case all I need is the PVR and a receiver and a TV. The computer does the rest. This way I can set it up to record ANY shows I want and also play my DVD's and burn them to the HDD.

    So for the extra $100 it would cost for the tuner card you can sell your current PVR and get some money back. Also save some space on the AV rack.

    All you need extra for this to work like this (above what you already are getting) is the tuner card, a pvr program ( I use media center) and a sound card that has an optical or digital line out (assuming you have a receiver that has those inputs)

    As for a remote, there are many different ones. I only look at the ones designed for media center though, so I cant answer that question.
  4. seamonkey

    seamonkey Regular member

    Nov 3, 2002
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    what can a htpc do? well.. basically anything!!

    you can:
    -watch tv on it (as suggested before)
    -video game (remember it is a pc too.. and if you get a tuner card, you can connect your console to it if you have an extra input)
    -video game via emulators (ie MAME on bigscreen!)
    -access the internet (add a wifi network card and a router on your network!)
    -view your digital photos on it
    -listen to cds, internet radio, or broadcast radio (if your tuner has a FM Tuner on it..)
    -basically everything that a normal home theater system can and more!!! plus you can clone your desktop to it or even connect a bigscreen/project to it via digital connections (if your vid card has the outputs..)

    i run everything in my room off my pc..

    i have an athlon 64 3000+, ASUS mobo w/digital sound (via spdif to my logitech z680 5.1 THX system), 1 GB memory, ATI Radeon 600XT 128mb vid card, Avermedia AverTV100 tv tuner, nmediapc case and wireless remote/keyboard, and 19" and 15" LCDS.

    aiy.. peace

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