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i cant correctly author a dvd

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by m2erc, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. m2erc

    m2erc Guest

    ok, im not an idiot but i really cant figure out what is going on when i author a dvd. Let me start from the beginning. I have one single MPEG-2 file. The file is in every single aspect that a dvd file should be in. When i open TMPGEnc DVD author, and open the mpeg 2 file in there. I then click author and it take about 10 minutes because the file is in perfect dvd condition. But when i go to test the file in power dvd before burning it to dvd, the audio is not alligned with the video. I have not had success no matter how much research i do on the problem. I just dont get it. Could some one please help me solve this problem? Thanks alot to the people that respond.

  2. m2erc

    m2erc Guest


    (did i ask an unanswerable question?)

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