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I give up

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by bostondvd, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. bostondvd

    bostondvd Guest

    OK, I give up. I'm trying to move my home movies (Sony Hi8 camcorder) to DVD. Things look fine using my sony burner... they even play on my standalone dvd player using +R. Problem is.. they don't SOUND fine. This is the classic "audio and video are not in sync" question. Of course, the longer the movie goes on, the worse it becomes.

    Here is what I have:

    1. Using MS Movie Maker I download the movie from the camcorder using a firewire card. This saves it in .avi format. Certainly, the audio/video is in sync with the avi file but that doesn't count since I believe that's a bunch of VBR mumbo-jumbo.

    2. Using myDVD, import the avi file and burn away. About 4 hours later... I have a new coaster (well, the audio isn't in sync anyway).

    I'm running XP on a PIII 1 gigHz CPU. The movie is stored on an external drive connected via USB2.0. Generic firewire card.

    I tried using TMPGEnc. That broke the avi file into w2v and wav files. The wav file sounded like crap, however. Sort of like I was a kidnapper hiding my voice sound.

    So... all I want to do is mux the video and audio into some VOB files and burn away. Is there any way I can control the syncing? Seems to me this should be easier than it has been. Also seems like sites that discuss DVD burning focus on ripping... which is interesting but doesn't help me much.

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  2. seamonkey

    seamonkey Regular member

    Nov 3, 2002
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    i just started ot author my own dvds too..
    what i used was a dazzle dvc to capture both the video and audio as a mpeg1 stream. i then ran the mpg file through tmpgenc to make it dvd compliant.

    then i used Dazzle DVD Complete (this thing is amazing for authoring your own dvds). it takes a few hours to get the hang of but it is amazing. then i just burned the movie to dvd+rw (to test) from Dazzle DVD Complete and it played beautifully in my xbox, pioneer dvd player, and my sony dvd player..

    any ?s, drop a msg..
  3. CrumFarm

    CrumFarm Member

    Nov 18, 2002
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    It looks like all your gear is fine. My one wonder is whether the correct setting is being used for your Hi8? My guess is that the default for everything will be Digital8.

    I typically use Pinnacle DV Plus, which allows me to choose either digital or analog. Have you checked to see if the right dig/ana setting is set?

    If this isn't the problem, I would try using a different program to burn...definately try freeware until you're sure. A lot of people have complained about MyDVD. I think it's fine...just REALLY SLOW! :)
  4. bostondvd

    bostondvd Guest

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll give them a try. I did think to check my Camcorder settings but I need to dig out the manual.

    Other things I have tried:

    Since the original TMPGEnc m2v file was fine but the wav file it created was terrible, I figured I would strip the audio with autodub. No good. Autodub cannot handle type 1 AVI files. As I now know, type 1 DV AVI files interleave video and audio and autodub doesn't deal with those files.

    Tried using avi2mp2... It tried to load the movie into avi2mp2 on my XP system. Up pops a message telling me it's looking for the last audio sample... and that's pretty much all it did for the next 6 hours (I let it run overnight). Something tells me avi2mp2 has a problem with my avi file...

    Finally, I figured I would zero in on what KIND of audio is in my avi file. Is it 44.1 or 48KHz? Interesting question. I also know that my Sony stores 16 bit audio instead of 12 bit... I have not had time to look into this yet but did stumble upon this useful tutorial if you care to look:


    It's very good. Can't wait to try it out.

    This has all been frustrating but educational. Not sure at all if home movies to DVD is ready for prime time, however.

    One more thing I forgot... I did download Nero since I'm told it's the best burner... but the free version does not contain an AVI plugin. So... I need raw INF, BUP, and VOB files to burn my CD? That's not much of a trial... I would buy it except from what I see, DVD software is quirky at best and I ain't paying until you prove it works on my setup.

    That and I'm sick of winter already. I mean, it's March and it's 20 degrees F here in Boston! Wait... I think there's another chat room for bitchin!

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