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I got lost trying to compare all the MP3 models so....

Discussion in 'Audio' started by jimmy918, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. jimmy918

    jimmy918 Guest

    I got lost trying to compare all the MP3 models so....can someone tell me which model(s) have these features.

    I looking for an MP3 player with the following features.

    Aprox. 500 songs capacity
    FM radio
    FM recorder
    Bookmark function so I could stop podcasts and return to where I left off.
    Screen so I could see albums and songs, podcasts from same site...

    Maybe I'd better stop there.
  2. dennis95

    dennis95 Guest

    My sister used an MP3 player in her car. It is very useful and cheapest from others.
    I think you can get your all features in this player. it’s sound output is very good as well as amazing battery life. You may check out the site : www.goliathbargains.com
    I forgot to tell you... Remote is very handy. I no longer need to locate the forward button on FM transmitter while driving.
    Good luck!

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