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i got my burner.. put it in my comp... but i dont know how to install it

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by jordanm, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. jordanm

    jordanm Guest

    i got my burner i put it in the slot and now i dont know how to install sum one please help
  2. Adder01

    Adder01 Regular member

    Mar 10, 2004
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    You mean it isn't cabled up? You just pushed it into the hole in the front of the computer? Ok...we'll try...

    Are you replacing a CD drive with this burner?
    If so, then use the same cables in the same type of slots (look on the back of the burner/CD). The cables must go in around the same way.

    If you aren't replacing another drive...then it could be trickier. Try google...I just did and found the following site:

    If you can't follow this, then I suggest you find a friend or shop keeper who can help you.

  3. jordanm

    jordanm Guest

    i put it in where the cd slot was and i connected the cords but when i went to control pannel to add hardware it opened up a wizard and it sed to put in a cd that came with the burner but there is no cd so i connected the wires and i still dont know how to install it
  4. jordanm

    jordanm Guest

    it also is not finding the new hard ware
  5. hijacker

    hijacker Guest

    How to set up your optical drive:Ok you have a big wide cable called an IDE cable and a 12 volt clear plugs from the power supply unit.At the top of the IDE cable it says "Master" and half way down "Slave".Now,on the back of the optical drive you should have six pins with a pastic jumper on two of the pins. One for Master,Slave,And Cable Select.You need to put the jumper in the right area according to how you have your drives set on the IDE cable.The easiest way for you is to set both jumpers on both drives to "Cable select",Then plug your IDE to the top drive and come down to where the second black plug in the middle of the cable in the second drive.Same cable for the two drives.The computer will search the drive according to what positon it is on the IDE cable because of the cable select jumper position.should take no more than 10 minutes to install plug the 12 volt clear plugs in the drives.
  6. hijacker

    hijacker Guest

    If you set you drive or drives to cable select and the drive is still not recognized.Got to device manager and delete the drive and reboot the computer to allow it to redetect the drive.
  7. jordanm

    jordanm Guest

    thanks guys

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