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I have a prblem with the new 5.0/5.01 codec!

Discussion in 'DivX / XviD' started by Josh, Apr 18, 2002.

  1. Josh

    Josh Guest

    the problem's that it plays in slow motion and the sound is quiet... a little too quiet for 128. i've tried 1-pass, 1-pass quality based, and the 1-pass-2nd-pass. When selecting what codec you want to use in Virtualdub-- highlighted "Divx Pro 5.01 Codec" instead of saying "no know restrictions" it says, "Width must be multiple of 4, Height must be multiple of 2, and valid depth: 24 32." I've tried not cropping the video from 640x360 for multiples, and for valid depths... is that the color depth because i've also tried 24 32 (24 24 before). I've also tried "divx decoder properties" = min, max and default.

    PS. i also have a problem with smart ripper. i used to rip at 4 and work my way up to 6-8 (speeds up) now i rip at like 0.9 to 1.9 to 2.9.... it takes 45 minutes instead of 15 like it used to. My computer's windows 98se. 600 mhz(slow for encoding video itself but i've had no problems ripping and encoding up until now.) 384 megs of ram, 32 meg geforce card. i start with dvd2avi>save project>open it and convert it w/ vfapi> usually 1st pass second pass> job control then the big wait.

    Any suggestions... please i need help i'd greatly appreciate it...i've also tried flask(unsuccesfully)... no proplems with other codec's just "pro5.01"
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  2. Josh

    Josh Guest

    i got a 12x dvdrom + 7200, 40 gig hd. i don't think it's the speed or anything (besides processor) but it's always worked before. got a collection of 20 or so.
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  3. Rage

    Rage Guest

    With the problem of playing slow motion, I've encountered it, and the reason was for some reason the interleaving. I use 500 ms preload, and then I interleave every 64 frames, and I've had no problems with these settings. With interleaving it took me ages to find the right ones, so just play with it.

    As far as the size of your video, I've stuck with making sure the finished size is a multiple of 16 as I've had no problems with this size, and also the quality of encoding is better at this multiple.

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