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i need help to turn off my virus scans

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by jordanm, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. jordanm

    jordanm Guest

    hi every one i need help i havent really had problems at all with burning dvds. until i got to the simpsons seasons. i went to control panel and security center and i turned of fire wall, but i dont know how to turn off my virus scan. please help me
  2. bluto1940

    bluto1940 Guest

    I have Norton and I right click on it in the tool bar and click disable
  3. jordanm

    jordanm Guest

    ok i did that i have mecaffe virus protector and i sisabled it but it didnt work... the thing is when i go into control panel i have other virus scans, but i dont know how to turn them off
  4. jordanm

    jordanm Guest

    wait never mind
    but it still wont burn, i have all the virus stuff turned off but it wont burn still

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