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I need some help with MKV files... oy..

Discussion in 'Other video questions' started by AtariMaxi, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. AtariMaxi

    AtariMaxi Member

    Jan 9, 2005
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    Wow, lots of people need help in this place-- well, I'm new and didn't understand exactly where this should go.
    The best place looked about right here, maybe I'm new to the site, but I'm not new ( not exactly ) to file types and video and things.
    I think it might just be because my Matroska is so SCREWED UP!! Let me explain:

    MKV files are completly USELESS, they don't compress data or make it ANY easier to manage, the person who invented it should be SHOT!
    It's a "case" that doesn't do anything worthy mentioning at all.
    Yet most files you download are in MKV format. So you have to figure out how to work the stupid things!
    If the people can put these files IN the MKV case, shouldn't there be an easy way to get them out?

    I downloaded an MKV file, I use the VLC(Video Lan) player to play it, works fine, everything's great, right? WRONG!
    I want to burn it to a DVD, one day... so I put it on a disc as an MKV file.
    However, I want to change it to AVI.
    Problem is, NOTHING will change it! It's like it's sealed so tight that NO PROGRAMS will open it! (That's just using an expression, don't think I actually think that... )
    EVERY software I use can't "detect any recognisable video data" in it.

    Such as Rivepast Video Cleaner.
    The program can't exactly be BROKEN since it WILL play.
    I used to be able to combine the Matroska Pack, and the OggVorbis together, (run them at the same time) and put the file in Video Edit Magic, they would both run and it would go into it.
    Then I'd just save the frames as an AVI file and BOOM! It played perfect, without the use of codecs or anything.
    However, after getting a Rundll.exe problem with Matroska, (even after I.. seemingly fixed it) the green arrow doesn't appear at the bottom right anymore.
    Though it doesn't say it can't run, it simply... doesn't!

    Can anyone help me in ANY way?

    Let me sum it up:

    1)How can I fix my Matroska problem?

    2)How can I convert it to AVI, or MPEG, or ANYTHING? (Tried ISObuster, it also can't read the file)

    Thank you.
  2. ChrisHJW

    ChrisHJW Member

    Aug 7, 2004
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    I have never ever come across a similar insulting and stupid post like this. Its so beyond all discussion, i cant even think how i coudd motivate myself to help you converting your MKV files into another container, just to make sure you wont be using our tools ever again.

    matroska project admin

    P.S. Its posts like this one that are probably responsible that most free, opensource projects are dying one day. You really have to be paid to be able to bear such shit, and go back to work again.

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