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I/O errors when burning backups of movies on DVDDecrypter

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by himura, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. himura

    himura Member

    Aug 12, 2004
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    After i shrink my movies i want to burn then go burn them on dvddecrypter an I/O error message appears after a little while, sometimes they appear after it is 2% done sometimes they appear after 20%.... is it just the brand of cd-r/cd-rw i am using or what
  2. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    I don't reccomend using DVD Decrypter to burn your dvd backups m8. Try freeware like DVD Shrink or my personal favorite CloneDVD2. Other great dvd burning programs: Pinnacle Instant Copy 8.0, DVD2One just to name a few :)
  3. flip218

    flip218 Moderator Staff Member

    Apr 25, 2004
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    You know ... we do have a forum for dvd burning. Called dvd-r newbies.

    This could answer why you posted in cd-r. Are you trying to burn a dvd-9 or a dvd-5 to a cd-r(rw)? Cause you can't ... well unless you convert it to an avi file or so. None of those programs Shoey mentioned will compress enough to fit on to a blank cd.
  4. brobear

    brobear Guest

    InterVideo's DVDCopy2 records in DVD, VCD, SVCD, DivX(R), and M-DVD. If you like recording using multiple formats, there is the program. It's best for new movies in good condition (exaggerates flaws due to scratching, old movie input [spots and flash], and poor cinematography). This can be used to record directly to CD from a DVD. A movie uses about 2 discs for VCD and 4 for SVCD. The program shows the number of discs needed in the burn section at bottom of window.

    As Flip mentioned, nothing named will accomplish the task of burning to CD. DVD Decrypter was mentioned only as a burner. No mention was made of the ripper and transcoding software. One can't record to CD with DVD specific software. However, one can record to CD from DVD using a software such as DVDCopy2. Simply rip with DVD Decrypter, load to DVDCopy2, choose format, recording choice (full disc, movie only, edit), and record.

    InterVideo has a trial download. Be ready to use the trial when you setup. The trial is only good for a few days.


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  5. brobear

    brobear Guest


    First of all, are you in the right section?

    What media are you using, CD or DVD?

    What software are you using to shrink the movie?

    What is the exact error message you receive?

    We need to know the specifications for your computer as well:

    What is the CPU type and speed?

    How much RAM?

    What is the operating system, (XP, 98, ME)?

    Hard disk size, amount of free space, and speed (RPM)?

    Drives (ROM, DVD/CD RW)?

    [bold]The above information is necessary to get started diagnosing a problem.

    If you're trying to record CDs using DVD specific software, you can forget about it.[/bold]


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