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I thought I figured this out.

Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by nicraage, Dec 18, 2004.

  1. nicraage

    nicraage Guest

    Hello. I just installed a matrix modchip, after flashing it, to my xbox. I now want to install a 120 gig harddrive.

    I have slayers evox installer downloaded. I put it on a memorex dvd+R (burning at 1x speed)

    Ive done a ton of reading, but seem to get more and more confused with all the different softwares/ chip choices

    Am I supposed to install this with the original hard drive in, then change out with the bigger one?

    When I have the original hd in, and put the dvd in the drive, it says it cannot reckognize the disk. Did I miss a step? Im going to go buy a different dvd brand, and see if that makes a difference, but I thought maybe someone could point me in the right direction.

    Thanks for any help.
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  2. nicraage

    nicraage Guest

    I feel i'm making negative progress.

    I just reflashed my modchip, with a different evoxd.6.

    I downloaded two more slayers evox installers. So I have three of them from different sites, that I have burned onto different types of dvd media.

    Now im getting error 13, "your xbox requires service" when I start the xbox up with both the original hard drive and the new 120 gig hard drive.

    Im lost!!!
  3. nicraage

    nicraage Guest

    ok, i reflashed the bios, for the third time, on my matrix chip.

    I have about 7 copies of three different versions of slayers evox installer on all different types of dvd media.

    My matrix chip starts up with the quick green flash light, as it is supposed to.

    thanks for any help

    when i put the slayers disks into the drive, i get the same message, "your xbox cant recognize this disk"

    Someone please point me in the right direction, I have been on this for a couple days straight now. I have done tons and tons of reading, but cannot find out what i am doing wrong.

    Thank you.

    Also, I backed up on of my games, counter strike, on a dvd, and put it in. I dont get the cannot recognize disk message, but when i power on, i get the xbox logo, then a black screen, and it stays on this screen foreve.
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  4. suki24

    suki24 Member

    Jun 11, 2004
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    wat u would do is first see if any burned media dvd/cd(movie/music) would work on the xbox..then u would go ahead and use that media to burn with evox...

    also be aware of what version xbox u have cuz a v1.6 has only a certain few bios that would work...

    i didnt use slayers but instead did it manually...mayb u sould try that option...

  5. nicraage

    nicraage Guest

    good idea about trying it with a movie.I just got a movie to play in it with the media I do have, so that puts one possible problem out of the picture.

    Im pretty sure I have a 1.1 version xbox from the pictures Ive seen. Also, It was manufactured in 12-16-02, and I believe they changed from version 1.0 in august of that year.

    Ill give the manual way a try.
    Thanks for the advice.
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  6. nicraage

    nicraage Guest

    Oh my!! im getting it to work!!!!

    The problem I had was due to the way i was burning the slayers to the disk. I was burning it as a data disk, and draging it into the software.

    What you have to do, (for anyone else going through what I am going through) is use daemon tools, a virtual cd/dvd drive. Load the slayers into the virtual drive, then, make an exact copy to a disk copying from the virtual drive.

    Now I had a problem putting it on a dvd, for some reason It kept telling me to insert a CD, (even though it is a dvd burner, to copy to. As I have read, cd-r's never work, but a cd-rw will. Well, instead of taking another trip to the store, i tried it with my best quality cd-r, and it is working as we speak. The cd-r I used, just for the record, is a TDK 80 min-700mb cd-r music. These are the type of cd's you can copy music to directly from satellite dish stations with a home dvd burner, as reg. cd-r's wouldnt work.

    Well, I hope this helps someone else having similar problems. If the cd-r ends up not working (its still loading fine as of yet) I will post it.

    Thank you for the help, and all the info on this site.

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