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if you live in Canada Ontario, and your looking for a band try this

Discussion in 'Band looking for an artist' started by andymel, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. andymel

    andymel Guest

    hello this account is for two people just so ya'll now, anywhoo..we're two people in Canada Ontario looking for some people with an intrest in joining a band. You have to have a interest in punk/emo/scream/metal/. If you live in Port hope ,Colbourne,Lakeport,brighton, or
    near any of those places, please say. We are looking
    for a singer that can actually sing/scream,
    a drummer we dont care if your
    new to the scene, and another guitar player.
    We would also like it if you play piano too. If you find a intrest in this please contact us. If you like bands like AFI, Green Day, Escape The Fate, Hawthorne Heights, Evanscence, Simple Plan,Billy Talent,Panic! At The Disco or something along that line, join. :p thanks for reading.
  2. feddyfend

    feddyfend Member

    Nov 28, 2006
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    Ya hi My name is Jeff,I live in Port Hope Ontario, I play a Gibson Sg, and would give up anything, and everything to be a guitarist in a band.

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