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Discussion in 'DVDR' started by RJMJ, Feb 17, 2002.

  1. RJMJ

    RJMJ Guest

    Has anyone ever ripped a dvd, used IFOEDIT to edit and rebuild the Vobs and IFO files, and burn it to DVD sucessfully? I've done this process. But I had to build/create new IFO files. I just want to know has anyone burned a DVD with only modifying the IFO.
  2. z2retucli

    z2retucli Guest

    Yes, I have ripped and burned many DVD5 and DVD9's succesfully with ifoedit. If you choose to only have the movie (no menu, etc) then you must modify the VOB files. If you want everything you can fit, then just modify the IFO for the Title Set you need to keep the DVD plyable.

    When I copy DVD's I try to fit as much as I can on to one disc. A good DVD to start with is A Night At The Roxbury. This DVD will fit onto a standard 4.7GB DVD-R without needing to modify any VOBs. However, you will need to modify the IFOs. Good Luck!
  3. rsubish

    rsubish Member

    Aug 16, 2002
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    I have good luck ripping and burning dvd5 and can do them very efficiently. I cant, however seem to do a dvd9. I follow the tutorial to the line, but with no results. for example, "snatch" has 2 titles, but the widescreen is on title 1. I have deleted everything to do with title 2 and come up with 3.7g of info. The movie plays with the ifoedit software and my windows player, but my software wont burn the VIDEO_TS file. I am using record now dx software supplies by pioneer. any suggestions?

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