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im going insane!!!!

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by nicraage, Dec 18, 2004.

  1. nicraage

    nicraage Guest

    ive installed my matrix chip successfully, acording to the green flash.

    Ive downloaded 3 copies of slayers evox installer, and burned them (using sonic record now) onto 4 different dvd brand medias, both -r and +r. Tdk, sony, imation, and memorex.

    I keep getting the error saying "your xbox cant recognize this disc..."

    I have flashed the modchip with 3 different versions of evox d.6 (all successfull, no errors.

    What am I doing wrong?
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  2. Quadratic

    Quadratic Regular member

    Nov 19, 2004
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    Did you finalize the dvd? Also, did you make slayer's auto installer a iso? And did you make sure that the auto installer had a default.xbe?
  3. nicraage

    nicraage Guest

    The disk does "finalize" at the end of the burning process. Im using record now as the burning software. The slayers auto installer I have are labled "SlaYers_EvoX_Auto-Installer_v2.6FINAL.iso"

    As for your last question. I didnt do anything to it. I was under the impression that slayers had everything in it already. Could you tell me how to insert a "default.xbe" in it. I cannot open the slayer file in my pc. Thanks.
  4. nicraage

    nicraage Guest

    Oh my!! im getting it to work!!!!

    The problem I had was due to the way i was burning the slayers to the disk. I was burning it as a data disk, and draging it into the software.

    What you have to do, (for anyone else going through what I am going through) is use Daemon Tools, a virtual cd/dvd drive. Load the slayers into the virtual drive, then, make an exact copy to a disk copying from the virtual drive.

    Now I had a problem putting it on a dvd, for some reason It kept telling me to insert a CD, (even though it is a dvd burner, to copy to. As I have read, cd-r's never work, but a cd-rw will. Well, instead of taking another trip to the store, i tried it with my best quality cd-r, and it is working as we speak. The cd-r I used, just for the record, is a TDK 80 min-700mb cd-r music. These are the type of cd's you can copy music to directly from satellite dish stations with a home dvd burner, as reg. cd-r's wouldnt work.

    Well, I hope this helps someone else having similar problems. If the cd-r ends up not working (its still loading fine as of yet) I will post it.

    Thank you for the help, and all the info on this site.

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