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im very new to web designing

Discussion in 'Suggestions, ideas and feedback' started by hollynick, Sep 30, 2007.

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  1. hollynick

    hollynick Guest

    im 16 and like how web pages are designed and i want o learn i already have an idea the only problem is that i dont know a thing about computer the only thing i know is paint and internet and thats and a little other stuuf my boyfriend is the computer master when he talks i loss my slef in it and i have no clue what he say he love computer so much that one time me and his mom were listing to himtalk about computer stuff and we left for 1hr and 30 min outside and come back in and he still talking and at the end hes said to you guys no what mean adn we just started laugh he didnt even know that we had left. but any ways....... i know nothing about this stuff but want to know, i would ask my boyfriend but he is to bussy playing xbox 360 live and doing his web site.

    this is his web site check it out and leave comments and posts in the forum and tell him what would help in his web site
    thanks holly
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  2. creaky

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