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Impossible LG

Discussion in 'Other mobile phones' started by Tidmeister, Mar 5, 2017.

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  1. Tidmeister

    Tidmeister Newbie

    Mar 5, 2017
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    Okay so i have done a lot of reading about rooting and about dialer codes. The phone i have is LG stylo 2 plus ms550 "Metro pcs" running 6.0.1 and have tried all these root tools kingroot, towel root, poot, one click, I could go on and on and nothing seems to work! When i try dialer codes that are supposed to work with LG phones the only one that works is for the imei, why will no other codes work? I think it could possibly have some type of spyware on it that blocks me from being able to get my goal accomplished. When i do a hard reset somehow there are always a couple of settings that always stay the same. When i insert a sim card phone starts normal, when i insert my normal sim the phone starts everytime with location on, sync on, wifi on and data. But with a friend's none of that automatically comes on when first turning phone on. Please PLEASE HELP AS THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR 3YEARS NOW!!! I HAVE BOUGHT NEW PHONES, NEW SIMS, NEW NUMBERS AND SD CARDS AND EVEN NEW EMAILS!!
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