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In need with help with error code 7 and also 16

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware mods' started by s10n, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. s10n

    s10n Member

    Feb 24, 2006
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    Right, here's the problem!!
    i have an error code seven on my xbox, which is softmodded... and i know its the harddrive its self as it makes a huge clunking sound all the time. BUT once in a blue moon the xbox will turn on and be useable, just very slow when i save a setting or something... now i backed up the eeprom when i installed the mod and then when i went to backup my xbox onto my pc.. the eeprom had gone of the xbox! but then as my harddrive got worse it then wouldn't lat me save anything so when i went to backup the eeprom again it said there was an error and the clunking kicked in again. does anybody have any suggestions what to do??... my plan was to put a nex HDD in but do i need the eeprom/ can some one give me some links to solve the problem.

    i also have the HDD key written down on paper , and was told to do this because it might help me :S is this true ??

    and one last thing .. i have two other xbox's that have been softmodded but i get an error 16 on both ... is there any linkls any one can give ??
    all i want from these three xbox's is one that i can get to work in the sixth from centre a collage lol
    cheers for your help anyway
  2. theridges

    theridges Guest

    Yep you will need the Eeprom thats why people say back it up meaning to your PC....
    only thing to do now is modchip it since your Drive is moreless dead...
  3. 98sohc

    98sohc Regular member

    Jan 9, 2006
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    yup, buy a hardmod chip, buy a new 250gb at least(there so cheap these days), and then download the auto installer deluxe 3.0 and your all set.

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