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In The Mark Of Easter (Eggs)

Discussion in 'Windows - General discussion' started by mrcapdown, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. mrcapdown

    mrcapdown Regular member

    Jun 4, 2006
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    in one of my weekly pc mags i found a little artical about easter eggs in programs so i thought i would show u lot a load of them


    Adobe Acrobat

    1. Select the Help menu
    2. Select About Plugins
    3. Select Acrobat Annotations
    4. Hold down Control and press the 'Credits' button.
    You'll hear a sound (probably a whale) and see the picture of a whale appear. The Credits button should say 'Harpoon' now.
    You can repeat as long as you press Control and press on the Harpoon/Credits button

    Special Requirements:
    Adobe Acrobat 4.0


    1. Download and install FireFox from www.mozilla.com
    2. Open & Enter "about:mozilla" in the URL-bar (Without Quotation Marks)

    This is actually a reply to the IE5 (Internet Explorer 5 from Microsoft) team's joke about Mozilla crashing computers

    1 - Load Firefox
    2 - Enter an address of about:kitchensink
    3 - Laugh
    4 - Play with the tap (you can!)
    5 - Laugh some more
    6 - Tell your friends.

    GameSpy Arcade
    Hidden Website

    Go into the program and then go into the chat.
    Type "/easteregg" (Without the quotes) and press enter.
    You'll get a message and a new window, and there it shows some l33t names

    Special Requirements:
    Version v1.3f (Maybe other versions too?)

    Google Toolbar
    Latin Message in Google Toolbar

    First, open up Internet Explorer. Then click on the drop down menu on the toolbar that says "Google". After you do that, scroll down to where it says "About google toolbar". Click it.
    You will then find the latin phrase "De parvis grandis acervus erit". I'm pretty sure it means "From a small pile comes great things".

    Internet Explorer
    Blue Screen (v4.0)

    1. Type "about:whatever" in your address box
    2. Type "about:mozilla" in your address box
    3. Notice any difference?
    4. When Windows NT crashes, it often results in a crash screen with a blue background.
    5. This subtile joke is implying that Netscape causes crashes. =)


    This is a very simple and easy egg to find. Simply start Itunes and go to the music store and search "/". The Itunes program will respond with the phrase "Your search "They Are There" did not match any results." I think it's a clue that there are other easter eggs in itunes.

    Messenger Plus! Live

    Type "/patchou" (not including quotation marks) in a conversation window.
    Then double click his nose

    Special Requirements:
    Messenger Plus Live! 4.00

    MSN Messenger

    To send unlimited nudges to your contacts, simply change your status to Busy and then go to a convo window to send unlimited nudges. Only works on MSN 7 and may not work on versions past MSN 7.0.0777

    Special Requirements:
    MSN Messenger 7

    MSN Messenger - Random Insults
    start a conversation with your friend
    type /insult
    if your friend has messenger plus! 3 installed then an insult dual will start
    if not random insults will be shown

    Hidden Bush Secrets

    1.) Open an empty notepad file.
    2.) Type "Bush hid the facts" (without the quotes)
    3.) Save it with any file name with as .TXT file.
    4.) Close it, and re-open it.

    Spybot - Search and Destroy
    Game Hidden
    Hard to describe but when you have a specific window open (for example the updates window) next to the word 'update' in the title there is a little icon.
    Click on this icon and you will end up with a game where you have to fill in as may squares as possible,
    Not as easy as you think.
    Definately an eegg as a game has nothing to do with the program

    Special Requirements:
    I nticed it on release 1.4 RC but maybe in earlier versions

    Tetris in uTorrent

    1. Select About in Help menu.
    2. Press 'T' on the Keyboard.
    Also if you click the uTorrent Logo in about, a music is played

    so there u go have fun and if u have eny more plz post them
  2. wabashman

    wabashman Active member

    Apr 30, 2006
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    well the utorrent ones work, but i couldnt get the notepad one to work.
  3. klassic

    klassic Regular member

    Mar 4, 2004
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    I got the notepad one to work. Text shows as a bunch of boxes. I copy and pasted text into Microsoft Word 2003 and this is what the boxes became - 畂桳栠摩琠敨映捡獴

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