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Indentifying File Formats

Discussion in 'Other video questions' started by lonelypau, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. lonelypau

    lonelypau Guest

    I've been reading these forums for a long time and finally decided to register. Great info and helpful people is what makes a forum like this so cool.

    Lately i've had problems with indentifying video file formats. I use Winamp and it does a pretty good job of playing video files, but is there a way to tell the exact file format of a file i'm watching in Winamp? The reason i'm asking this is because i've tried converting a certain file to dvd about 5 times and each time the conversion aborts at 50% or the audio track ends up missing. If i knew exactly what format the source was, i could probably convert it successfully and burn it. Since most of my video files are associated with Winamp it just says "winamp media file, or wmv i believe it is.
  2. Nephilim

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  3. lonelypau

    lonelypau Guest

    thank you very much!

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