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Installation Of X-ecuter 2 Pro

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by FlyBy, Apr 15, 2003.

  1. FlyBy

    FlyBy Guest

    Has any one installed AND flashed an Xecuter 2 Pro??? How long does the process take, and how hard is it. Also, what all do i need to flash the bios??
  2. FlyBy

    FlyBy Guest

  3. Demon

    Demon Guest

    If you have ever removed the motherboard from a PC, then you will have no problem taking the board out the XBOX...

    I've done 5 so far, and I would say it takes 20 mins now, but the first one took 40mins...

    1. Just remove the two screws in fornt of the DVD drive, and then lift the HDD and DVD out together, rather then splitting them apart.
    2. Use the alternative D0 point... (the grey lead) there are 4 header holes clear after you solder the Xecuter PRO hear in, and you can pass the grey wire through one of these, then its easy to solder onto the alternate D0 point

    As for flashing it, well, we've found some fast desktop PC's seem to create verify errors, so its a case of trying other PC's if it doesn;t verify.
    It should however always detect the XEcuter Pro, if it doesn't then check that your Parrallel cable is indeed wireed one for one.. I wasted 2 hours helping a friend, whose cable only had 9 of the pins connected stright through...
  4. FlyBy

    FlyBy Guest


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