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Installed modchip & slayers,ms dash wont load?

Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by gavsta24, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. gavsta24

    gavsta24 Guest

    I installed the executer2.6ce chip and then installed slayers auto install and here is the problem..I recently got xbox live for xmas off a mate and i have not yet registerd the account.So whenever i try and get back to the ms dash through Evo x i get the green background screen but no display at all,no options..

    Now i also loaded up farcry,switched the chip off and clicked on xbox live/new account and then it tried to go to the dash and the screen went black.

    does anyone have any ideas?Its a but frustrating having the starter pack and not being able to use it,i also re installed slayers just incase it was a bad install but it still happens.
    Thanks for any help.
  2. Gr8Modder

    Gr8Modder Guest

    sounds like you need to put the ms dash on your hard drive in the C:\ partition

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