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Installing Free Java Games/Software Onto Your Phone, Including Nokia, Sony Erricson, Samsung [Guide]

Discussion in 'User submitted guides' started by 3dluis, Feb 13, 2006.

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    11:43 (Europe) - 13th Febuary 2006 - Made a Guide For Installing Java Game's onto Motorola

    [bold]Hello, Not many people know it yet but you can actually install gamesonto your phone for free. This guide will refer on how to do it with mostly any phone.[/bold]

    [bold]Requirements & Software[/bold]

    [bold] Phone Types[/bold]

    [bold]Firstly, Know your Phone Type, this guide is in use with the type of phones:[/bold]

    Sony Erricson
    Samsung D500

    If you have any of these phone type's, than your in luck.

    [bold]Getting the Game's/Software on the Phone[/bold]

    [bold]Note*:[/bold]I'm sure this is legal cause these are homemade game's and software that the maker's made for shareware but if It's still ilegal Moderator's, Than Please inform me and I'll delete the link's. Please do not delete the Thread cause it took ages to make lol.

    [bold]Note**:[/bold]Sometimes when you Download The Java File, It will come in a .ZIP/.RAR file, If you open it, if It show's loads of file's, like "Level's", "Weaopon's" Or something like that which is in reference to the game, Close the WinRAR/ZIP and go to My Computer, Click "TOOLS>FOLDER OPTIONS>VIEW>Untick Hide Extensions for Known File Type's. Like this:


    Than Press Apply and go back to the ZIP file, Right Click it and press Rename, than Change the ".ZIP" at the end, to ".JAR".

    [bold]Note***:[/bold]If you downloaded the file and it has .JAR and .JAD, the .JAD is not really important, but the .JAR is, dont send both, send only the .JAR to your phone.

    [bold]Note***:[/bold]Do not try Installing a game that is for a different make, Installing it will result to charashing, no sound, and can't exit game unless turn off phone.

    [bold]Nokia Link's- Software, Game's[/bold]

    http://mobileworld.mo.funpic.org/ - Game's,Themes,Software
    http://www.mobile-review.com/forum2/showthread.php?t=26640 - MAME Emulator for your phone. (I will not post any link's to MAME game's)
    http://www.nokiapower.com/ - Load's of Aplication's/game's
    http://rapidshare.de/files/12064849/games1.rar.html -HomeBrew Games
    http://rapidshare.de/files/12065694/games3.rar.html -HomeBrew Games
    http://rapidshare.de/files/12065780/games2.rar.html -HomeBrew Games

    To find more Game's on Nokia, Use your best friend; Google

    [bold]Sony Erricson- Software, Game's, Theme's[/bold]
    http://maestro.intramail.ru/files/java/index.php?page=1&sort=date - Great Collection of game's/ theme's
    www.selovers.tk - Collection of Theme's
    http://www.volny.cz/k700hry2/ = These are big collection of game's
    http://myk700.lasyk.net/ - Game's, Theme's.
    www.getjar.com - Aplications for your phone
    http://www.mobileplayground.co.uk/uploads/SonyEricsson/ - HUGE collection of Game's/Aplication's for your sony erricson

    [bold]Samgsung - Software, Game's[/bold]

    That's All I got. For more, Just Search Google. And Im sure you'll find alot

    [bold]Method of Connecting to your Computer[/bold]

    [bold]Note**:[/bold] You Will Need a Method on Connecting your Phone to your Computer, Via Bluetooth Adapter/Dongle, Link Cable from your phone to your computer, or Using the simple Infared Move.

    [bold]Method - Installing The Java Games/Software on to a NOKIA Phone[/bold]

    Go to Nokia Official website: http://www.nokia.com/ And choose your region on where your phone is, Click On your country Afterwards. (For Example, I Live in Europe so I click on Europe, Than I press United Kingdom). Now your On the website of your country's nokia site. Click "Phones" Tabs at the top. And Select your Phone Via the Drop Window Like On the Picture:


    Now that your on your Phone Info, Click "Support and Software". Than Click Software.


    Now your on the Support Page of Nokia, Click On Software Again, CLick the "CLick Here For Software Download's" or something like that.


    Once the Download is Complete, Open The File and install Nokia PC Suite, Than Open It.

    Note: This Is the time to Plug in your Bluetooth Adapter/Link Cable/Infared Adapter.

    Once your Phone Is connected then your readdy to go.

    Click on Install Aplication's,


    Browse till you find the .JAR file and you press the green button and it shuld install on your Nokia.


    Than The Final Step Test the Game, Software on your phone.

    [bold]Method - Installing The Java Games/Software on to a SONY ERRICSON Phone[/bold]

    Introduction - Sony Erricson has tooken the world by storm with it's new technology and better Java Machine. Most of all, if you have a Sony Erricson, than your in luck, this phone is the easiest to install Java Game's.

    Plug In your Bluetooth Adapter/Infared Adaptor/Link Cable to your Sony Erricson Phone. Get The .JAR File, you want to install to your Sony Erricson and go to where you save that file. Right Click it, and Send Via (Method) and wait till it load's. After it's done, Look into your phone, It should say Install Aplication?, Press OK and wait, than Finally, Test the game.


    Soon you'll be able to play great game's like these



    [bold]Method - Installing Java Game's onto your D500.[/bold]

    Introduction : If you have a Samsung, Than I am Sorry, Cause this phone is the most hardest to install Java Game's, But Luckily it isnt Impossible. First I'll tell you how I did it, And than I'll give you a link on a full Guide With Picture's.

    Load the IVT software, I am using version 1.6 which you can get from the IVT website.
    Type # * 536963# on your phone, should say "serial java others disabled"
    Open Bluesoleil, click on the orange ball in the centre of the display. ( all the Bluetooth supported computers phones etc in the area will then be displayed) Now find your phone and double click on it. ( Make sure your phones visibility is on and the phones name is something you will recognise ) Now select "tools" on the toolbar, go to "configurations" and then "quick connect".
    In here assign your phone only 1 of the serial ports labelled "(SPP)"( remember which port # you select as you will need to assign it later ) Now close and go back to the main window and double click on the "serial port" icon.
    From here the computer will try connect and start the opening process.

    Pull out your internet connection from your computer( the line from your telephone socket to the computer) Go to the bottom right corner of your screen and you will see a little computer screen with a cross, right click on it and select open connections.
    On the left hand side there will be the option to "create a new connection"
    Select the following: "Set up an advanced connection", "Connect directly to another computer" and then select "Host"
    After a short delay, the screen will ask you to select from a drop down the "Device for this connection", open the drop down and select the serial port # you chose earlier. ( uncheck all others ) Check yourself as a user of this connection and give yourself permission.

    You should now be back to the "Network Connections" page. You should see a new addition, labelled " Incoming connection"
    Right click on the "Incoming connection" and select "Properties".
    Under the "General" tab, check the serial port and uncheck all the others.
    Under the "Users" tab, check yourself as a user and uncheck all the others.
    Under "Networking' tab, under "General". set the port speed to "115200" and the "Flow control" to "Hardware".
    Under "Users" check yourself and uncheck all others.
    Under "Networking" select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and then select "Properties"
    I found it much easier to select "Assign TCP/IP address automatically using DHCP" and select "Allow calling computer to specify its own IP address", press ok.

    Now go back to the "Bluesoleil" main window.
    Double click on the serial port icon, accept on your phone and place in pin number on phone and computer to pair items.
    Now type # * 5737425# on your phone and a screen should appear labelled "Java Serial" select "PPP UP"
    Select "Bluetooth" (should now go back to the previous screen) "NOW STOP"

    Open the "Network connections" window again. Should see another icon under "Incoming" heading saying "Unauthenticated user" (If not you have made a mistake somewhere and need to start again, if so your on par and now close this window)

    Open your "Java Uploader" and add a game file to be loaded.

    Go back to your phone and select "Serial download'.
    A clown will pop up and a bar on the bottom of the screen will show the transfer percentage as the file is loaded.
    Seems like a lot but its very easy.
    Will only let you load one at a time.

    From here I simply type # * 5737425# then phone crashes and resets.
    reconnect the serial port through the Bluesoleil main window and then retype # * 5737425# and transfer another file.

    [bold] Note: If you have found this to hard, there is a simpler guide here: [/bold]


    [bold] Method - Installing Java Game's Onto your Motorola[/bold]
    First install PST for Motorola, search and install smartmoto (I found this easily on google)

    Run PST and connect phone, then open smartmoto and search, smartmoto won't connect unless you run PST first. Open service tab and click onto 'activate java app loader' and phone should have java app loader activated in java settings.

    Next turn off phone, remove transcard and put into reader and insert into computer. Open mobile folder and then click into 'tools-folder options'. Go into view tab and click 'show hidden files and folder' and also 'hide protected operating system files'. Computer should give message regarding damaging computer, just click OK. You should now see a load more folders in the mobile folder. Open hidden kjava folder and copy any *.jar files you have into this folder.

    Remove transcard from PC, put back into mobile, switch on and wait to boot

    Go into games and apps on phone and click on install new. Java files you wrote onto the card should now show up and you can install to your hearts content.

    [bold] Other Phone's - Siemen's, Other's[/bold]
    First, Try Installing just using the Bluetooth/Infared/Link Cable with the .JAR file. If it Doesn't still work, I'm afraid your out of luck.

    Made & Compiled By 3dluis.

    Thank You For reading my Guide, If you have any problem's Don't Hessitate to ask.

    Last edited: Feb 13, 2006

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