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Installing/ Iso help

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by Cracka12, May 19, 2003.

  1. Cracka12

    Cracka12 Guest

    I wish to install a game i downloaded. THe first cd is burned and i click to install it. It works untill it says insert cd 2. Cd 2 is an iso file located on my computer, i can open this file using isobuster, but how would i make the computer thing im installing it. Or how would i burn it
    help, plz use lamens term im retarded
  2. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    Newer pc games "usually" have some kind of cd protection on them like Safedisc or SecuROM. What is the name of the pc game title you downloaded? Programs like BlindWrite, Alcohol 120, Paddus DiscJuggler, DiscDump\FireBurner can backup pc game protection. What is the brand name of your burner?

    Shoey :)

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