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Discussion in 'Video - Software discussion' started by oco, Jan 26, 2004.

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    Jan 21, 2004
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    Please bear with me.Heres the whole sorry spiel.

    In adobe premier 6.5 and pro 7.0 I have noticed that whenever I proceed to slow down the time of a clip for aesthetic/stylistic purposes, eg. using "reverse slow motion" or "reverse fast motion", ie. setting the clip to lets say -50 or -200 respectively , an infuriating little tearing occurs at the top and bottom of the display window and this unfortunate side effect is also present when i export to DVD via the inbuilt encoder [ie. a separate video and audio file]. Its even worse when exported to vhs given that on an instance when i had reversed the footage and left it at normal speed [100%] for a particularly spectacular shot the whole screen seems to vibrate!

    I also notice a similar little abnormality when i transfer from VHS via VCR to MINDV in the captured foootage, a pulsating line permeates both bottom and top portions of the screen.

    For some reason my version of ADOBE PREMIER PRO 7.0 doesnt have the supposedly default filter under the video tab "Reduce interlace flicker", as regards effects.

    Now previously i had been using PREMIER 6.5. And the tearing at the top and bottom of the screen only occured on the slow-motion/reverse motion-footage. Before changing over to a new computer [ie.the one im currently using with PRO 7.0] from my old machine [the premier 6.5 one]i exported my project to tape and proceded to encode it as a dvd compatible file which i transferred across to my current machine.

    I still had some editing to do on the project i trasnferred to tape so i captured it into PREMIER 7.0. Now for some reason the tearing is present at both top and bottom of the screen throughout all of the footage. I presume this has something to do with the tape transfer and fields and the like.

    Looking over the ADOBE HELP PDF it gives some instruction for removing the problem.

    "To specify field processing options for a clip:

    1. Select a clip in the Timeline window, and choose Clip > Video Options > Field Options.
    2. Select Reverse Field Dominance to change the order in which the clip's fields appear. This option is useful when the field dominance of the clip doesn't match your equipment or when you play a clip backward.
    3. For Processing Options, select one of the following choices:


    Doesn't process the clip's fields.

    Interlace Consecutive Frames

    Converts pairs of consecutive progressive-scan (noninterlaced) frames into interlaced fields. This option is useful for converting 60-fps progressive-scan animations into 30-fps interlaced video, because many animation applications don't create interlaced frames.

    Always Deinterlace

    Converts interlaced fields into whole progressive-scan frames. Adobe Premiere Pro deinterlaces by discarding one field and interpolating a new field based on the lines of the remaining field. It keeps the field specified in the Field Settings option in the Project Settings (see Specifying project settings). If you specified No Fields, Adobe Premiere Pro keeps the upper field unless you selected Reverse Field Dominance, in which case it keeps the lower field. This option is useful when freezing a frame in the clip.

    Flicker Removal

    Prevents thin horizontal details in an image from flickering by slightly blurring the two fields together. An object as thin as one scan line flickers because it can appear only in every other field.
    4. Select Frame Blend Speed Changes to improve the appearance of video when the clip's speed is not 100% by blending frames together.
    5. Click OK."

    Now ive tried all these processes on small portions of the timeline marked out into clips [HAVING BEEN CAPTURED FROM MINIDV TAPE IT IS ALL IN ONE BIG AVI]but to no avail and since i dont have that "REDUCE INTERLACE FLICKER PLUGIN" i really dont know what to do next?

    If anybody could recommend another piece of software to deinterlace the avi before importation into premier that would be awesome. Ive heard great things about virtuadub from a few friends etc, could this solve the problem.

    Im relatively new to video editing so any help you guys could give me would be great.

    Thanking you,
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