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Internet blocked at work

Discussion in 'All other topics' started by irish80ca, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. irish80ca

    irish80ca Regular member

    Oct 19, 2005
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    A little off topic from movies but maybe people can answer this.

    My employer is bringing in someone to set up a small server in our office and reconfigure our network just to clean everything up. One of the things they want to do is limit how much time each employee can spend on the internet per day or limit access to certain times in the day.

    First off, can this be done? I know they can block webpages like youtube, myspace, facebook, etc. which I could easily get into through a yahoo or google website translation link but what about time limitations?

    If this can be done, how do I get around it without getting caught?
  2. Auslander

    Auslander Senior member

    Apr 23, 2004
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    yes it can be done. all they have to do is keep tabs on your log-in.

    no, you really don't have a way around it unless you sneak other employees log-ins and pretend to be them online.

    you're at work to work, not surf the net, buddy. just follow the rules and you'll be fine. if not, then you need to find another job.
  3. gerry1

    gerry1 Guest

    Auslander said:

    As my niece use to say
    j/k wolfboy LOL!
  4. bunny_c

    bunny_c Guest

    You would need to have more info on the program there using to limit your time on the net,if you know what program there using then perhaps you could do so,otherwise,with no info whatsoever,you have no chance.

    Perhaps you could bribe the man installing this limitation program,and ask him to install another account with unlimited acccess.

    If that's just a method to get fired here are some more:

    # Don't forget the coffee
    No not for your boss -- for yourself! You're already late so why not stop for a cup of coffee on the way to work? Don't forget to get a muffin or a roll too (crumbs on your tie look really good).
    # Eat at your desk
    I mean your coffee and roll, not your lunch silly. Why would you want to work through lunch anyway? And take your time — you're in no hurry to start working.
    # Take a long lunch
    An hour for lunch? Are they nuts? That can't possibly be enough time to get together with an old friend and run a few more errands.
    # Have a drink
    What's lunch without a couple of beers? It'll relax you. So what if you smell like a brewery?
    # Make personal phone calls
    If you can't make your phone calls from the office, when else will you find the time? Don't make those calls short and sweet -- chat away.
    # Speaking of chatting...
    Let's not forget about the good old Net. You can go into a chat room any time of day, so why waste your precious personal time.
    # Send lots of email
    Use those eight hours at work to take care of all that personal email. Oh and don't forget to use your work email address.
    # Download, download, download...
    Your connection is much faster at work than on your home pc. And besides, there are some things you wouldn't want your significant other to see.
    # Make the customers/clients really mad
    There are several ways to do this. If you deal with customers in person, ignore them while you talk to your co-workers. Don't have answers to their questions. If most of your contact is by phone, keep yours busy so clients can't get through. If they bother to leave a message, don't return their phone calls.
    # Don't ever go beyond your job description
    Even when a project is down to the wire and your help is desperately needed, just remember: "It's not your job."
    # Leave work early
    Who made that five o'clock rule anyway? If you leave 15 minutes early think of how much you can get done before dinner.
    # Party hardy
    Nights are made for partying. Don't worry — you can sleep late tomorrow. After all, you do plan to get to work late, don't you?

    *Get drunk at the office
    *Go on porn sites
    *Start a rumor about the boss having an affair with another employee,and others.


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