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Internet Connection = Bonus Content and Commerce?

Discussion in 'HD DVD discussion' started by soulman, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. soulman

    soulman Guest

    I am new to the forum here. I was at CES a few weeks back and saw both BR and HDDVD demos, and both were very impressive.
    My question to the group here is, has anyone heard how commerce and bonus content is going to be handled?
    Both camps were touting that 'commerce' would play a big part, but neither demonstrated how that would occur, or could show a demo of a transaction.
    I think this brings an interesting new twist to the whole viewing experience, being able to purchas movie related merchandise right from your tv, without leaving the experience.
  2. Jkhmmr

    Jkhmmr Regular member

    Nov 5, 2005
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    Probably something like what Sony did for the PSP. Use it to buy movies and music online and watch them on your PSP. It's still new and there are bound to be a few bugs but it's a nice feature. XBox 360 also has something similar for game content. It'll probably be something like that unless those discs are magical or something it probably has to do with your player or they were talking about the next generation of entertainment.

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