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InterVideo DVR 3 bitrate problem

Discussion in 'Video capturing from analog sources' started by Garrys, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. Garrys

    Garrys Guest

    I have tried a few recording with InterVideo DVR 3. I set the recording to PAL DVD and it says the bitrate will be 7200 for video and 224 for audio.
    When I load the file into TMPGenc author it says the bitrate exceedes the maximum allowed for DVD (9800). I loaded a file into Ulead Movie Factory and it says the bitrate is 9799 for video and 224 for audio.
    I ignored this and produced a very good DVD.
    Is there a known problem with the Intervideo program in that it does not record at the bitrate it is set to?
  2. chewtoy68

    chewtoy68 Guest

    I have been experiencing the same problem. Intervideo has not replied to me. I had to setup the bitrate to 3900, just to get 5990 as the final bitrate.
  3. kemosobby

    kemosobby Member

    Jan 13, 2004
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    You guys notice any slowdown when you play back recordings from windvr? I've had windvr 2 and 3, and anything I record plays back slower than it should be, like several frames less.

    It isn't my system. I run a amd 3200+ and a gig of ram.

    So I stick to powervcr II. Recordings are always smooth. And the picture looks a little better too thanks to a smoothing feature.
  4. Minion

    Minion Senior member

    Sep 28, 2003
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    Well For me WinDVR 3.0 Works perfectly , The Bitrate Might go to high But I use a Different method so it doesn"t matter if the Bitrate is to High ,The Method I use I set up My own Mpeg2 Profile and set the Bitrate all the way up to 20,000kbs and record useing this Bitrate which is Over twice allowed by DVD But the Quality is about twice you would get useing a DVD Bitrate ,Then I take the Captured File and re-encode it useing a High Quality software encoder Like CCE useing a Lower Bitrate and Maybe add a Few filters to clean up any Noise or Static in the Image ,This Produces a Much Higher Quality DVD than Captureing to a Lower DVD Bitrate, it takes a Little Longer But works Very Well...To get rid of the Problem with the Bitrate being too High you can Try useing a Simple Program called "DVD Patcher" which will Change the Bitrate information in the Header to whatever bitrate you set, It does not affect the Quality or anything it Just tells whatever Program you are useing that the Mpeg File has a Lower Bitrate than it does....Cheers

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