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Invalid MPEG2 file rate?

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by Brightbla, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. Brightbla

    Brightbla Member

    Feb 10, 2007
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    OK I'm not exactly sher what this is.
    i was using avi2dvd and everything was going great...until i had a friend email me an old movie he had on his computer (Seven Samaria) i had no problem fusing the two files together for one DVD. And the audio went fine from what i could tell. The real problem was when it tried to author it i think. The HCenc told me there was an
    Invalid MPEG2 file rate?
    What is this and how do i fix this is my question. Do i not have the right codecs, or is it something else?
    here's the log from the avi2dvd
    [11:51:13 PM] AVI2DVD Started !
    [11:51:13 PM] Type mode : Avi Input
    [11:51:13 PM] Output : Dvd
    [11:51:13 PM] Encoder Selected : HCEnc
    [11:51:13 PM] Start demuxing the AudioStream No.1 ...
    [11:51:59 PM] Demuxing of the selected audio finished
    successfully ! [C:\Program Files\BitLord\Downloads\Seven
    Samurai\Avi2dvd_temp\Extracted_Audio.mp3 75909498
    [11:51:59 PM] Starts Audio correction ...
    [11:55:49 PM] Audio Fixed successfully ! [C:\Program
    Samurai\Avi2dvd_temp\Fixed_Audio01.mp3 75909372
    [11:55:49 PM] Starts Mp3->Ac3 convertion ...
    [12:04:44 AM] Audio converted in Ac3 successfully !
    [C:\Program Files\BitLord\Downloads\Seven
    Samurai\Avi2dvd_temp\AudioStream 1 MP3 2CH.ac3
    520504320 Bytes]
    [12:04:44 AM] Start creating avisynth script ...
    [12:04:44 AM] Avisynth script created successfully !
    [C:\Program Files\BitLord\Downloads\Seven
    Samurai\Avi2dvd_temp\Avisynth_Script_File.avs 195
    [12:04:46 AM] Bitrate used : 2917 Kbpps
    [12:04:46 AM] Start video encoding ...
    [12:04:58 AM] Video encoded successfully ! [C:\Program
    Samurai\Avi2dvd_temp\Encoded_Video.m2v -1 Bytes]
    [12:04:58 AM] Job NOT Done. There are warnings ... Find
    at the log file the 0 byte generated file to focus where
    exactly the problem appears
    And for all those "converters" who say try Nero or something else... i don't want to! i like avi2dvd and it works for what i am doing.
  2. PacMan777

    PacMan777 Regular member

    Jun 11, 2013
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    Then don't use Nero. But your favorite app didn't seem to get the job done on this one. When you spliced the files together you ended up changing the structure. With DVD files, they have to have the right file structure or they won't record or play. They have to be compliant. avi2DVD didn't correct for that. IfoEdit, VobBlanker, and FixVTS may be some programs to help you out. Since you don't want anyone to tell you to use Nero Vision or ConvertXtoDVD, I won't. I will tell you they'd probably do the job a lot easier. But you hang right in there with that avi2dvd. With some repair, you may eventually get your compilation to play right. I like to see perseverance. Hopefully you get lucky and someone comes along and gives you an easy fix.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2007

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