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iPod firewire cable?

Discussion in 'iPod discussion' started by PYF, May 14, 2007.

  1. PYF

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    May 14, 2007
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    When i connect my iPod (3rd generation which is completely brand new as i had it replaced by apple) by the firewire cable, it charges it, however it does not recognise it at all. It does not show up in 'My Computer' or iTunes. I have 3 PC's at home and my iPod is not recognised at all. Before i doubted that it could be my firewire cable because it charged my iPod however after testing this on all 3 computers i think it might be it. Please reply to verify if i am correct and if so, any tips on how to repair the cable without buying a new one. Many Thanks.
  2. jazo132

    jazo132 Guest

    If it does the same on all 3 computers, then it is most likely the cable. Try buying a new firewire cable or a usb cable for the iPod. If it still doesn't work, then it is probably the iPod, so you can return the cable.

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