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Is it dead????

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware boot discussion' started by diskmatic, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. diskmatic

    diskmatic Guest

    Hi need some advice plz
    i tried to upgrade my dashboard to evox 3935, thought i done it correctly now this
    Error 13
    5-9 HDD Error
    10-12 DVD Error
    13 Dashboard could not be launched
    14 Generic dashboard generic error
    16 Dashboard files/settings incorrect
    20 Dashboard was launched but failed
    21 Generic unspecified errors

    Flashing red/green, when i turn the executer 2 chip off still cant get in to the m$ dashboard. Cant connect through ftp neither.
    Well have i screwed it or can it be sorted.
    Please any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. diskmatic

    diskmatic Guest

    Tried using SlaYERS but cant get that to run neither.
    What am i going to do???
  3. diskmatic

    diskmatic Guest

    Plays normal disks so what do i do to get the thing working again for copied games
  4. diskmatic

    diskmatic Guest

    Many thanks for the replies and advice, but got it sorted now. No more replies plz

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