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Is there a utility to copy direct from game to HDD on xbox?

Discussion in 'Xbox - Backup discussion' started by fcastelan, Nov 27, 2004.

  1. fcastelan

    fcastelan Guest

    I have 1.6 box, SmartXX mod chip, with Evox M8 bios and Evox dashboard. I have some games I own that I want to copy to the added HDD. I am now using FTP to copy to my laptop and then back to the xbox. Seems like a lot of extra work. Is there a utility that will allow me to copy directly from the game CD to the added HDD on the xbox itself?
  2. Chex21

    Chex21 Guest

    yep, a simple software application for the xbox is called "DVD2Xbox". Just search for it online and FTP it to your xbox. Then place a game into the xbox and load up DVD2Xbox on your xbox and it will directly copy the game from your dvd drive to you xbox hard drive. Though, if your game needs patching for some reason then you will need to do what you were doing and patch the game using Craxtion. Hope this helps.

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