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Is this the correct driver for my gForce FX 5500?

Discussion in 'Windows - Games' started by corn, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. corn

    corn Guest

    I am wondering if this is the correct the driver for my gForce FX 5500?
    I am asking, because I am really sketchy about what I download, and I don't want to ruin ANYTHING, haha. I realize this is an older card, and I don't know if my dad overclocked it or not. I used to play Half-Life 2 awhile ago, and I want to play again, and I think I need new drivers.

  2. 56delray

    56delray Regular member

    Feb 8, 2007
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    As for the "fixes" for this release, none seem to be for the 5500.
    I would say it will be ok.
    You can always roll back the driver if it "ruins ANYTHING".

    I will say the when I had an old GeForce, I installed all the new updates.
    Then one day it was ruined.
    Most of the updates at that time were for the new 64 bit XP.
    So I had to roll back a few updates.
    I never updated past that point.
    So look at the release notes and see if they apply to you for any more updates.
  3. corn

    corn Guest

    Ok, cool thanks.

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