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ISO Data CD Help for a NOOB

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by delafoo, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. delafoo

    delafoo Guest

    Ok. I'm new at burning Data disks but quite familiar with DVDs.

    I've just got Rosetta Stone Spanish CDs and I want to back them up. I've read that some programs can be used to make an ISO image of the file.

    My question is, what do I need to do to back these up? What software would I use? Would I be able to back these up to my hard drive, or do I have the option of creating CD backups as well?

    Any and ALL suggestions are appreciated.

    Thanks to all who reply, your time and expertese is appreciated!

  2. delafoo

    delafoo Guest

    And a quick follow up question...

    Once I get and ISO image on my HD or CD-R(RW), can I play it automatically from my HD, or does it need to be played with a CD? Are there any special boot parameters that are associated with playing from my HD or will I need to add anything in order for it to play from CD?

    Thanks to all who reply. Your time is appreciated!


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