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iso image

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by delmonte, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. delmonte

    delmonte Guest

    hi guys keep up the good work, this place rocks i only just discoverd it , but still i have picked up a lot but am still hungry for a little more info.............

    I have checked the threads inside out but can find no reffernces, i always makew backup copies of all the games i buy. i have allwaysburned my ps2 back up copies using bin/cue files /mode/2352/parity check so forth.........., and they have worked. but when i try and burn my back ups from a iso image the dam cd just will not boot. im using cdrwin, it may look rubbish but to me its the best. ohh and i have tried mounting the image in alchol120% then saving the image in ps2 format , no luck, i have tried burning the iso in cdrwin/mode2/2353, still no luck, nero also comes up with wasted cd, i guess i need to covert them from a iso 2 a bin file some how, tried changing name, from bin to iso but still a wasted cd,iso buster seemed positive but it doesnt allways give the option to extract to a bin file and when it does convert the image wont boot.hhhhhhmm there must be a vetren out there that how has been down the same path,(bearing in mind i have used 3 different iso images all througth the same test and have a spindle half full of blanks to show 4it) so the images are fine!!!!........help, any1?
  2. aldaco12

    aldaco12 Active member

    Nov 6, 2002
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    If the ISO is standard (ISO/2352) you could deal with it as if it is a BIN file (CUE sheet etc.), as you seem to already have done.

    What is its size? (in bytes, right-click and look 'properties'). If you scan (Action->Scan for corruption) it with CDMage, does it report errors?

    Remember: if the ISO comes from Easy CD Creator you need to install EZCD to burn it.. but be careful because EZCD might break other software (like Nero, Alcohol 120% and so on) so I wuld suggest to delete the ISOs, instead.

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