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iso images

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by wilki123, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. wilki123

    wilki123 Guest

    looking for some one to explain!i had nero 6 and easy cd creator platinum installed,when i use dvd shrink it automatically saves the movie as a nero image for me which is fine . When i use dvd decrypter it saves it as a easy cd creator image.I am a firm believer in keeping it simple so i uninstalled easy cd creator and burnt a movie to the hard disc, which it saved as an iso file, i was expecting it to save it as a nero image. what is the differance in these files if any and is it possible to burn with decryptor and save as a nero image don't ask why as i said earlier i like to keep things simple thanks in advance wilki
  2. Nephilim

    Nephilim Moderator Staff Member

    Feb 13, 2003
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    Hiya wilki,

    You did yourself a huge favor by uninstalling Esy CD Creator - it's pure poo-poo and conflicts with Nero terribly.

    In keeping with your KISS philosiphy, since you have Nero installed, you can set Shrink to automatically burn after the rip/compress by doing the following:

    Edit>Preferences>File I/O then tick the "Enable Burning With Nero" box. This will automate the entire process :)

    An ISO is one big huge image of the entire disc and I suspect there are still some remnants of Easy CD still tagging the image as it's own.

    I'd suggest using RegClean to clear your registry of any Roxio (Easy CD) entries there (under the Programs tab) and then afterwards going to Start>Search, enter Roxio and delete anything it finds associated with Roxio. This should clear most, if not all, Roxio junk off your system.

    Once you've cleared Roxio, try ripping another disc and see what tag it gets. If it still doesn't work, come back here, give me a big cyber-slap and we'll go from there :)

    You need to be careful with RegClean so if you have any questions at all feel free to ask. here's a link to RegClean:


    I'd also recommend setting a restore point before doing any of this in case you need to go back!

    Hope this help :)
  3. wilki123

    wilki123 Guest

    Hi Nephilim
    Thanks for your time and help, I think I must have asked the wrong question sorry about that! Your explanation about getting shrink to automatically burn with Nero which I will save , will be a great help in the future when I need to set up shrink again but at the moment shrink seems to have set it's self up to automatically burn with Nero which is great. What I was trying to work out was can I do the same with Decrypter get it to burn automatically to a Nero image? As I explained when I had easy creator on, it burned as an easy creator image when I removed easy creator it left an iso file. When I burnt another disc after removal of creator it also left an iso file. So please bear with me

    1. Can I set up Decrypter to burn automatically to a Nero Image?
    2. If not is it all right to burn from the iso file?

    I hope I have explained myself a little bit better this time (I doubt it) but I do try!!
    One more question if you don't mind I have a portable DVD player when I play the discs in it the sub titles come up, not on my stand alone but just on the portable no problem to turn off on the handset just a bit of a pain can this be avoided when burning.

    Many thanks Wilki
  4. Rotary

    Rotary Senior member

    Apr 10, 2003
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    hi there

    you can burn an iso file to dvdr with decrytor! BUT! did you shrink it to the right size first?

    also i get subtitles popup as default on dvd srhrink ripped maian movie vobs too! like you say not mentioned it here before as i can just turn it off on the dvd player remote! BUT! i would like to get rid of those suckers too either on SHRINK/RIP or BURN process!

    so thats why i jumped in here!

    also a program called ISOBUSTER will take your ISO and extract it to your hard drive in its original files! you can burn them too! it will also do .NRG files from nero!


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