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iTube - YouTube/Album Downloader for Windows/iOS Devices

Discussion in 'Video - Software discussion' started by l3uddz, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. l3uddz

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    Aug 27, 2014
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    I have created a fairly straight forward Windows application that downloads mp3/mp4/flv from YouTube.
    It also has the capability to download full music albums from YouTube as well (providing it is able to locate each song on YouTube that is..).
    The difference between this and other YouTube downloaders is that this one is powered by the awesome youtube-dl project (which is constantly being updated - iTube will prompt you when there is a new update available too), it is also powered by the sox project so it can remove "silence" from the beginning+end of downloaded mp3's upon user request.
    Another feature it has is a "bookmarklet" server as I like to call it, this allows you to run iTube on your Windows PC, then visit http://machinename:port and it will provide you with a bookmark that you can then use on your browser/iOS device to quickly & easily send the current video you are viewing straight to iTube for it to be downloaded!

    I originally made it just for the bookmarklet ability (being able to send YouTube links directly from my iPad/iPhone browser straight to my PC to be downloaded), however it kinda progressed a little further and ended up with Album Downloading capabilities lol.

    Below are a couple of demonstration videos I put together showcasing the features mentioned above, as well as a link to download iTube.

    Chrome/Firefox Demonstration + Album Download Demonstration:

    iOS Safari Bookmarklet Demonstration:

    You can download iTube at http://tiny.cc/itube_zip

    I'm looking forward to any opinions/bug reports/feature requests that you might have.

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