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JBL Sub and Pioneer Receiver Help!

Discussion in 'Receivers and amplifiers' started by ICON007, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. gear79

    gear79 Guest

  2. ICON007

    ICON007 Guest

    I just seen your reciever and WOW!! You must have a great home theater system.

    Im really just going to have my E250P sub as the only upgrade. Maybe hook my ipod up to it. My biggest concern honestly is getting that sub to sound better at higher volume levels without distorting. Oh and I may get a HDTV one day and want to make sure it will work on it.

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  3. gear79

    gear79 Guest

    you just need one that will give yoy the ability to add without having to buy another unit.

    if you can spend more $$$ try the onkyo txsr 703, i think the 703x has XM radio... but i was gonna buy that one.. i think it sells now for 500 bucks at circuit city

    my system is ok, but when i buy my next house, it will be all custom !!
  4. ICON007

    ICON007 Guest

    I found the Onkyo 503 for around 155 bucks but its a refub.


    They still give a warranty and have the bill me later option.

    Should I stay away from that and buy it new?

    Im pretty set that this is the receiver I will buy.
  5. gear79

    gear79 Guest

    as long as you are comfortable with a purchase like that, and that they will assure you an exchange or refund in the event it is bad.
    me personally, i would not, but thats me !
    is the company reputable?
  6. ICON007

    ICON007 Guest

    Well I did some research on that place and they have had really bad reviews so im staying away..

    Im going to place my order tomorrow with this company.


    I have done business witht hem before and they were great. Thats where I bought my sub for 220 shipped. They have the cheapest prices I have found.

    Thanks Gear.. Ill let you know how the reciever works for me.

  7. gear79

    gear79 Guest

    ok, good luck !
  8. ICON007

    ICON007 Guest


    I finally hooked up the Onkyo TX SR503 Receiver and it has made all my surround speakers sound way better.

    Now my subwoofer isn't working properly though. I have it tured to max on the back of the sub and on the receiver and its still hard to get much bass out of it. On the old pioneer system half way on the sub was enough and it was way louder.

    Is it because of the cable im using. Should I purchase a single RCA cable to run from the receiver to the sub.

    Right now im using the 2 RCA audio cable. One red and one white. But only the red is pluged into the reciever and into the back of the sub.

    Im about ready to sell this JBL e250p sub and get a better one. It's just giving me way too much trouble.
  9. gear79

    gear79 Guest

    thats exactly your problem !!!
    buy a designated sub cable....
    the package will say sub woofer cable, good ones will be directional..
    if you have a best buy, try an accoustic research cable, there quality cables and the price is low... buy one of distance you need, you'll find that 50 feet is the longest you can get, but just make sure you get one long enough so that if you want to move the sub around, your not limited by to short of a cable..

    congrats on your purchase !!! how do you like it?
    was it brand new or a refurb?
    did it come with everything?
  10. ICON007

    ICON007 Guest

    Thanks for being such a great help Gear!!!!

    I bought the Onkyo receiver brand new. I love it.. The remote was a nice touch. I programed everything I got to it so now I only use one remote.. lol

    It made a HUGE difference in the speakers around me. I can actually tell I have a surround sound system. :) I didn't realize what sounds I was missing out on using the other receiver. It was just too limited.

    Im still tryin to learn everything about it and get the sound just right though. Such as setting the center channel speaker at +3 db's or should I go more.. lol Same with the others.. Guess I just have to mess around with it until I like what I hear.

    Ill buy one of those cables this weekend at best buy for sure.

    You have saved me alot of trouble.. Couldn't thank you enough.

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  11. gear79

    gear79 Guest

    if you had stepped up to the (i think 602.... but 702 for sure)
    they had room mics.

    let me know
  12. ICON007

    ICON007 Guest


    Ok I finally hooked the cable up and it fixed all the humming noises and also cleared my bass up alot. Sounds much better but to be honest im still not happy with the JBL E250P sub.

    I will try and sell it but in the mean time..

    Is there any subs out there that you would recomend to me that I could take a look at. Maybe send me some links of the ones you know would sound good with my receiver. I want to keep my price range around $350 or less if possible. I was looking at the Velodyne VRP-1200 and DPS10 but not sure how good they are.

    Thanks again
  13. gerry1

    gerry1 Guest

    Hello Icon! My name is Gerry. It is after midnight and I'm brain dead but I will read you communications with Gear tomorrow and answer your questions if I can. Gear had to leave the site for awhile for personal reasons. Plenty of great subs in your price range but I'm too beat to look them up. I can tell you with some certainty that gear would have told you to look at Klipsch or Mirage; he was about to buy one or the other himself; he hadn't been able to decide which. I'll write tomorrow with some links. ... Gerry
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  14. ICON007

    ICON007 Guest

  15. ICON007

    ICON007 Guest

    Well after doing all more research I have decided on going with the Mirage Omni S12. I hear its best in its class at the $400 dollar price range.

    Im just going to stay away from JBL subs from now on...
  16. AWDriven

    AWDriven Member

    Feb 17, 2006
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    For the $400 price range, this can't be beat:


    I have been watching the price on it for a while holding back the urge to spend. It started at mid $600 a couple months ago. The model is over 2 years old, but that doesn't matter for a subwoofer when you consider the current speaker technology. My Sunfire Signature still can't be touched by anything out there even after the 6 years that I have owned it.

    BTW, the Yamaha HTR-5830SL from Best Buy is now sale priced at $170. It is a little cheaper online, but with shipping it comes out the same.

    I currently use an all-in-one DVD/reciever in the bedroom that I have wanted to upgrade. It was a decent deal for the $75 I paid over a year ago, but I changed to different R/L speakers, center channel, and subwoofer. However, as of lately the DVD player won't play DVDs unless you let it warm up for about an hour. I'm hoping I just need to clean the lense. In the mean time I play the DVDs on the XBOX.

    I am a DD5.1 junky.


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