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Joining divx to make 3 vcds???

Discussion in 'MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding (AVI to DVD)' started by shetland, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. shetland

    shetland Guest

    I dont know if anyone can help me but also this might be a really stupid question.
    I've downloaded a 3 hour movie namely two towers however I've downloaded it in 2 parts each an hour and a half long. I now want to make this into 3 hour long vcds but I'm not sure how to join the last 1/3 of the first part with the first 1/3 of the second part. Is this possible? If so can someone please tell me how.
  2. Dela

    Dela Administrator Staff Member

    Aug 25, 2002
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    Ah so you got the xvid vite release?? are you aware of the bad frames 8 mins into the movie??

    Anyway, it aint a bad question but that frame problem is terrible with TMPGEnc and the sound goes out of sync using DVD2SVCD! What you are askin is possible though but you wouldn't be cutting the avi's, you'd be encoding them and then using TMPGEnc's merge and cut function to cut into 3 different parts!
  3. shetland

    shetland Guest

    I didn't know about the bad frames at the beginning so thanks for the warning much appreciated.
    I'm a bit of a newbie to this vcd thing so I was wondering if you could tell me how to solve the frames problem as I've got a slow internet connection and I dont want to have to download the 3 part movie unless I really have to can anyone help me?
  4. Tookrak

    Tookrak Member

    Jan 10, 2003
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    Ive got that copy as well and am wanting to do the same thing. The picture and sound quality is excellent and will save me going to the movies every second week until the DVD comes out.

    I am wanting to know is there anyway to correct the bad frames?

    I am currently trying to develop a system that will enable me to delete bad frames, insert new good frames and then encode as needed. However that will involve me somehow starting a user group where people are prepared to save certain parts of a movie and send it to me, and me to send movie parts to them etc..

    I am also having the same problems with Harry Potter - Chambers, however it isnt a simple process of simply deleting the frames as the amount to over a few seconds of movie so i dont think the usual response of running Avifix will work in this case!

    Anyways, i hope you find answer to the problems as i am still and have vbeen trying to find solutions for the last few days!
  5. shetland

    shetland Guest

    Nice to know its not just me with this problem best of luck to you too and if you do find a solution then could you please email it to me on andrewosborne@fsmail.net

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