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Discussion in 'DVDR' started by jonbrown, Feb 13, 2003.

  1. jonbrown

    jonbrown Guest

    Hi all just downloaded dvdxcopy from 321 after reading a million of the posted messages. I am having trouble burning to dvd i have tried to copy 13 ghosts 3 times now 1st time it hung up and stopped at 27% second time 33% and 3rd time 79%. Also the 1st time i tried i used the internal burner and it did not recognise i had a disk in the drive, is this common?????
    My system is a :
    Compag presario 900 laptop amd athlon +1800
    pcmcia card for usb 2
    i have latest version of nero burner
    running windows xp
    dvd burner is pioneer a104

    can any one give me some tips???????
  2. bobbycee

    bobbycee Guest

    Hi JB Just Got Software Myself, and DVD DRX-500ul USB2 Drive (No Driver Support) That I Know Of. Altered My Firmware To One Of The Older Makes Of Drive, Never Able To Get A Target Output Until I Tried, So Only Got As Far As Getting In Onto My Hard Drive. (IT WORKED) Mind You Its Half The Speed, But Beter Than Nothing. Try Updating Your ATPI Drivers, (That's What I Was Told To Do Today, But Not Got Around To It Yet. Use A RW Disk To Start With Any Messups, You Can Try Again. ( I Had To Erase The Blank Disk Before Use , Using NERO EXPRESS). Well Got MY First Orig Backup OF CROSSROADS Brit Spears Came Out Fine (Got The Menu In Full, Main Film Plus A Few Of The Extras) Wish All The Disk Fitted Onto It, I'm Chuffed Anyway. KEEP BASHING AWAY......
    Good Luck Bob Plymouth. UK "HELP THE MAN OUT"
  3. jonbrown

    jonbrown Guest

    cheers for the info.... i have now successfully backed up at least 8 or 9 films cheers bob
  4. bobbycee

    bobbycee Guest

    What films Have You Had Full Success With? (Wide screen/Pal Normal)Bob......
  5. 1craig1

    1craig1 Guest

    bobbycee I am also having problems with dvdxcopy. I am getting an error at 99% complete stating "Burn process failed Logical unit is reserved" I am using windows Xp professional and there are no aspi drivers installed on it. Is it advisaable to install these drivers on XP and if so what version do you recommend. Thanks
  6. jonbrown

    jonbrown Guest

    i have burned fast and furious,matrix,gladiator,13ghosts..etc
  7. crossboy

    crossboy Guest

    if u use x copy, u will need to burn to 2 discs because it makes a 1:1 copy. Can i suggest that u rip your dvd with smartripper or dvd decrypter, then run the vob files thru DVD2ONE and then burn to disc with COPY2DVD. Its very easy process, the results are xcellent and it puts the whole ripped dvd to one disc only. ive used both dvdxcopy and the above and in my humble opinion DVD2ONE is better and saves a disc

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