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Just finished crysis.

Discussion in 'Windows - Games' started by AXT, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. AXT

    AXT Guest

    So i finished Crysis today (on Delta difficulty). A most exelent game in my opinion. Played all the way through with high setting on DX9. Had to turn down the resolution between exiting the alien ship (when the island is frozen) and taking command of the VTOL because my card couldn't take the heat in that section of the game. Next time I play it it will be on DX10 with ultra high settings using my future new video card which i will hopefully purchase towards the end of December or January. However, even on DX9 this game still looks better than anything that came before it.
  2. corn

    corn Guest

    Cool, haha. I don't even think I could run the game period. I have a junk computer, all I really play is Blockland, lmfao. Thats just really messing around with a kid from school. But this Vista Transformation Pack isn't letting very many things run as nice as they did. I keep getting frequent crashes, oh well.

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