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JVC DVD Player is not Playing all the SVCD I burned

Discussion in 'Video playback problems' started by Becky636, Jun 22, 2003.

  1. Becky636

    Becky636 Guest

    I have a JVC XV-S502 DVD Player that supports SVCD and VCD. And I use DVD2SVCD ver 1.1.3 build 2 and TMGECnc Plus and burn w/ CDRWIN 5.0..

    I have ripped and encoded some dvd's and the JVC player played those fine.

    Now for some reason after I restored my computer software and reinstalled DVD2SVCD and TMGECnc Plus and CDRWIN 5.0. For some reason the same DVD Player says ERROR on the SVCD's I burn now or the DVD plsyer will not even know the disk is in the drive.

    I thought the DVD player went bad so I took one of the SVCD's that I knew worked before and tryied to play it and it did.

    Now I dont remember making and changes to DVD2SVCD or TMGECnc Plus . I just used the program on the defult settings..

    Please advise

    Thank You
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  2. Becky636

    Becky636 Guest

    I belive the error was Non_readable disk.

    But it play on the computers cd rom and dvd rom
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  3. Becky636

    Becky636 Guest

    anyone.. any Ideas???

    some of the SVCD's I rip and burn work, And some do not..

    I uses DVD2SVCD

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