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JVC GR-D72u, PC upgrade?

Discussion in 'Digital camcorders' started by dagger1x, Jan 5, 2005.

  1. dagger1x

    dagger1x Member

    Jan 5, 2005
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    So what im reading in this forum is that i aint going to be downloading video files from my JVC to my PC using USB because its to slow and that creates problems. I need a MB with firewire or a FW card which im not going to do with a 5 year old gateway with what they called a flex box (reallysmall box not tower). Everything is propriatary so I would have to order all this shit from gateway. Also only have 128 MB of RAM upgraded from the originl 64 and a 933mhz processor none of which seem to meet the specifications of most of what im reading here. So, im going to build a box any recommedations on hardware like how much RAM, min HD size, what processor. Also any recommendations for software i might use to capture the video (I have the disk that came with the cam), or for burning DVD. And also any DVD burner recommendation. i have a tower and will probably build this thing out of new egg or Tiger direc, or both.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. gmovie69

    gmovie69 Guest

    Whats up dagger, just like me i also have the JVC GRD92 us i love this camcorder in light and outside it works fantastic but in the low light situations the resolution is terrible. well on to your comp. if you plan on doing alot of editing and saving your video files to your comp your gonna need alot of room in the hd i went with 200 GB HD i baught a HP, so ull need that a good video card as well, i have a standard video card n from what ive done so far its great so you wont need to spend too much money on the video card also a dvd-rw dual layer is good to have. Depending on how much youd wanna spend, if you go over 1500- bucks us dollars id say get a MAC there the best for editing film and music, if not then yes build your on comp. im sure there others on this site who are more advanced in giving you information on this than am in, hope i could help

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