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Guide kodi on fire stick network router usb stick BT HUB

Discussion in 'All other topics' started by Mickoz74, Apr 3, 2017.

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  1. Mickoz74

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    Jun 15, 2008
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    same principle for any router with usb capabilities,
    format drive to Fat32 ive used a usb 16gb flash drive, plug in back of router. on a device that is on the same router go to the routers IP address for BT its in to the browser, once your on the routers page click on my devices USB icon and USB Drive make a note of the device name. now the address for kodi to access the network drive will be smb:// Drive/Movie Folder so you have the router IP address/Device name/Folder Name. Now open KODI go to Settings (KOG LOGO), File Manager, Add Source, Browse, Add network Location... , Protocol needs to be Windows Network (SMB) server name is the routers IP number xxx.xxx.x.xxx use the one for the network your on, server name USB device name router has given (I think its case sensitive and folder name i.e in this format Usb Drive/Movie now click ok and ok again.

    from KODI go to add-ons, Exodus, Tools, Exodus Downloads, downloads tab, Enable downloads on set movies and tv by highlighting them and pressing select then choose smb:// youcreated earlier and click ok

    From Kodi you can select movies, enter file selection, add videos... , and put same path as before smb:// Drive/Movie Folder and press ok. now when you go to movies, enter files section your network folder should show and you can play downloads from there or any device connected to your router, by accessing your usb stick on that network, es file explorer or on apple devices file explorer. hope this helps as when i did this i only found parts and had to work the rest out myself.

    you just need address for usb port on router
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