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Korg Triton Issues

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Jdilla, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. Jdilla

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    Dec 7, 2003
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    someone please help me. ive read that in order for cakewalk and my triton to be on the
    same page, i need to add a ins. (instrument) file for my triton to cakewalk? well,
    i went to tritonhaven, since google sent me there, and i downloaded mostly all of the ins. files
    and import them to cakewalk, now some of the instruments are on point on both triton and cakewalk,
    but i cant get none of my drum kits to sound, when i touch any drum kits on my triton, instead of cakewalk
    playing back the hiphop kit drmkit, itll play as a violin, or something else other than the drumkit
    that ive picked on my triton. this is what im using to connect the triton to
    the pc: M-audio's Midisport UNO 1-in/1 out usb midi interface.the device has three lights that lit up,
    1. usb 2. midi in 3. midi out. the midi in and usb lights are lit but the midi out isnt..
    my cpu specs are amd athlon xp 2800+(2.08Ghz), 120 Gb hd, 512mb of rami dont know what sound card i have,
    but it gets the job done cuz i can hear the triton play on cakewalk, its just that cakewalk and triton are not
    on the same page.... i mean, i will pick hiphop drm kit on triton and cakwalk will playit back as a violin
    or something else other than the drums. someone please help, im pretty new to all this and your help will be
    very appreciate it by me.one last thing, does it matter what channel the track is in on cakewalk, since it has
    so many.or maybe i should be using some other software to connect to my korg using my pc?i tried sonar 4
    and it was even worse, i cant hear my keyboard play. guys please help me. please

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