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Discussion in 'Motorola phones' started by psplova, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. psplova

    psplova Guest

    okay, so my upgrade after 2 years of being stuck with a gay ass phone is 2morrow, and looking to get te krzr since in my area, all moto phones are 50% off with 2 year renewal etc.

    my question(or perhaps my questions are)
    1. does the krzr use mini-usb B(like in a psp) or do i have to buy that music estentials pack to get a usb?
    2. can the krzr do mp3 ringtones for free(because get it now sucks ass HARD)
    3. is there an unlocking process with the krzr, or is it like lg phones where you just need bitpim?
    4. wtf are seem edits?
    5. can you play java games for free on krzr? or is it only BREW?
    6. can you use it as an modem? also, can you have free WAP internet on it?
    7. is there any way i can get MPT for free?
    8. is MPT the only way of getting ringtones etc?
    9. can you backup contact entries etc?
    10. does verizon rig the phones so you cannot do anything?
    11. when they say MP3's on krzr, do they mean full mp3 songs? does this mean then that i do not need to bring my ipod AND cell phone for music?
    i am sory if i sound like a noob(im actually not bad with eltronics(very good with game consoles), its just cell phones are not my thing. If i sound very dumb, and even posted this in the wrong forum, please feel free to flame me, label me as a noob, and lock this post
  2. blivetNC

    blivetNC Regular member

    Nov 8, 2005
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    Verizon locks up their cell phones tighter than a farmer locks up his 14 year old daughter's cootie. Verizon phones are CDMA which can't be unlocked like GSM phones without the bitpim.
    I got a Verizon V3M, and was able to do some seem editing and load it up with Motorola Phone Tools. You can use it as a MP3 player,it will accept a Micro SD Trans Flash chip, up to 1 Gig in size.
    Here is some reading on the Razr and the Krzr phones,

    answer to your questions,
    all Momo's use the mini usb plug like you find on a digital camera or MP3 Player.
    2. after a little seem editing, and telling your KRZR it is a different phone, you can use MPT to transfer MP3's as ringtones.
    4 seem editing is changing the program defaults inside your phone so certain features are now activated, example, allowing data transfers between a computer and a phone via bluetooth or USB. real easy.
    5. don't do Java games so don't know.
    6. I have seen some seem editing for this but haven't done it myself, same for the free wap browsing.
    7. yes there is but I can't mention it here due to pirating prohibitions. I got my copy for free from a Suncom guy,
    8. MPT is not the only way, just the easiest.
    9. yes you can back up your entire phone,
    10. Yes Verizon does lock up everything. Don't get me wrong, I like the Verizon call coverage in the Carolinas, but if had a similar choice, would stick with a GSM phone like Cingular 'cuz my RAZR V3 (Won from Pepsi and unlocked to SUNCOM) did everything right out of the box.
    11. Yes. you play full MP3's, and with a 1 Gig card, you have say 250 or so songs on it.

    micro SD Card
    The headphone plug for Motorola phones are 2.5mm versus the standard 3.5mm found on your Ipod. adapters are available at Target and Radio Shack.
    or cheap headphones here.
    usb headphones
    I hope this helps.
  3. tony476

    tony476 Guest

    You can get MPT4.0 with cables through pricegrabber for under $10 with shipping!!!

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