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LG dvd 5083 Multi code

Discussion in 'DVD players' started by kw48, Feb 1, 2004.

  1. kw48

    kw48 Member

    Jan 31, 2004
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    Multi region code for the LG dvd5083 needed please.
  2. flipper_1

    flipper_1 Member

    Feb 16, 2004
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    I changed the region to region free by downloading this file from http://www.area450.co.uk/lg5083hack.htm and burning it with Nero as a data disc
    Burn the folder 'RMTM0000' to a CD-R making sure that the directories stay in order.
    Insert the disk to your player
    Select desired region (0 for all regions)and then press pause

    VCD Enable:
    NOTE: This hack should ONLY be used on the following players which have been confirmed elsewhere on the Net. That said, I still cannot take responisibility for things going awry. Try at your own risk!!! Do NOT use on 3200E.
    The 'confirmed' players that survive the following hack are:
    DVD-2330P, DVD-3000E, DVD-3350/1/E/C (and clones), DA-3520, DVD-4210, DVD-4710, DVD-4730, DVD-4750, DVD-4830, DVD-4950, DVD-5083, DVD-5812, DVD-5822N, 5930, 6053, FFH-DV25, DA-3620, DV1010. DVD-3200E models with firmware above version 1.0 (not including it!) may work. This model has had the most trouble recently, as the hack works, but leaves you with no picture for playback on DVD at the very least! Be warned!!!

    1. Power on the player with no disc in the drive. If the hack doesn't work, press Stop on the remote before step 2.
    2. Press Pause on the remote control.
    3. Using the remote control, key in the following: 1, 4, 7, 2 (the characters 01 47 should appear on the display) [If your player is a non UK model, this number will probably be different - don't worry]
    4. Press the UP arrow three times (the characters 04 Fd should appear on the display)
    [This number may be different depending on the configuration of your specific model - don't worry]
    5. Press Program, 6, Program, 5 (the characters 04 FE should now be displayed).
    6. Press Enter (the display should flash briefly), or OK.
    7. Press Return.
    8. Power the player off and then back on.
    9. Play a VCD!

    SVCD hack for LG 5083 (also LGdc595nwq)

    First do the vcd hack.

    Then for SVCD do:

    1 - Power up the dvd with no disc
    2 - Press Pause and then press 1,4,7,2
    3 - Press up arrow 6 times, the characters 07 00
    should appear on the display, may be different for
    your model
    4 - Press Program 6, Program 5.
    5 - Press Enter
    6- Power off and power on the player

    If your tv is pal and the picture is green or yellow
    use the s-video output of the player, and please write
    down all the prom values in case you need to restore

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