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LG GSA 2166d trouble reading dvds

Discussion in 'DVD / Blu-ray drives' started by RailAce, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. RailAce

    RailAce Guest

    Hi all,
    I have recently encountered this annoying problem. I have an LG GSA 2166d Super Multi dvd burner (external) and have had it for about 6 months now. It used to read and burn no problem, but now it will only burn movies, and read burnt movies. It will not read a store bought or rental movie.

    For example, I rented Happy Feet. The drive does not even recognize a disc inside. But when I read using another drive, and then burn to a blank DVD, the LG picks it up no problem.
    I've heard that some discs have a new type of copy protection that prevents them from being read by DVD burners. Any ideas?
    I've also heard that this drive is similar to the LG 4166, which has had similar problems?

    Any ideas? Also, can anyone suggest a good, reliable external DVD burner? I need external because this PC is still under factory warranty and if I break the seal on the case, it's lights out for my warranty.

  2. onya

    onya Guest

    Copy protection is just that....copy protection and not read protection. It sounds to me you need to update the external burners firmware. Go to the manufacturers website and search for firmware updates, this should fix your problem.

    The Australian LG website, had probs and wouldn't give any info at all on DVD drives. Not good LG people...lol
  3. RailAce

    RailAce Guest

    Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I tried that. I have updated the firmware, with no success. It works with some discs, but not with all of them. It's frustrating.

    Any other ideas?

  4. pstamer

    pstamer Guest

    Hello all. I'm having the same problem. Sometimes my dvd burner won't even recognize the blank media. I use Taiyo Yuden dvd-r discs and burn at 4x to ensure quality. I've burned about 300 dvds so far and don't understand because I've heard of other people burning 1000, 2000, or more dvds. Can anyone help? Thanx in advance.
  5. RailAce

    RailAce Guest

    Well, I'm at a loss. I can't quite figure out what the deal with this burner is. It reads burned movies with no problem. It won't read most rentals, so I end up reading with my old Memorex (that won't write) and then writing with my LG (which won't read).

    I do know that my LG 2166d is no longer supported by the manufacturer, so I will assume that the defect was noticed and corrected in future burners. I am purchasing the LG E30L 18x external burner tomorrow. Hope that works.



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